The four suspects were beaten to perform remote control in Beijing

The four suspects were beaten to perform remote control – Beijing "two Shandong Court Executive offsite seized accounts were more than 30 people group have made new progress, September 19th at noon, Caoxian County Propaganda Department informed that after the incident, Shandong municipal Party committee of Heze set up a joint investigation team to conduct a comprehensive in-depth investigation of the event at present, the case has been transferred as a criminal case investigation, now control 4 suspects. Caoxian county Party committee and government will actively cooperate to assist in the investigation, and timely publication of progress. Two the court executive was beaten in September 14th, someone on the network broke the news that the September 8th 9 pm, Shandong Shouguang City People’s court two executives and Lee song Moumou to the city of Heze Caoxian rural commercial bank seized the debtor Shandong Property Limited BRIC bank account management process, more than 30 people rushed to beat the bank Li and song siege. The police arrived at the scene, two executive judge suggested that the police escort refused medical treatment, the police insisted on two executive judges to "command", report to the county leaders, two executive judge refused after being beaten, but also faced the threat of. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the two executive judges Shouguang City Court is to Caoxian, is to together with the loan dispute lawsuit, the parties apply for an enterprise of Caoxian strong enforcement arrears. The name of the application of strong enforcement of the parties called Li Fenghua, he also went to Caoxian with two judges, and witnessed the fight was beaten by the two. It was in arrears cases BYD reporter inquiries business registration information, Shandong the home is a real estate development enterprise, Li Fenghua is a legal person in Shouguang, a small loan company. Chinese judgment documents related to the verdict shows that there is a dispute between the two sides of the loan. July 15, 2015, Shouguang court "Li Fenghua private lending dispute with Shandong Caoxian peony, Fu Liang Yue Textile Co., Ltd. of first instance civil judgment". Li Fenghua is the plaintiff, the defendant is Fu Fu, Shandong Caoxian peony Home Textile Co., Ltd., Shandong BRIC home and many other companies. The judgment of the court, the defendant to pay the return of Li Fenghua Liang Yue borrowing 4997000 yuan, and in the decision within 5 days after the commencement of performance; Shandong BRIC home and other 4 companies joint liability for the debt, which assume responsibility, have the right to recover from the defendant Liang Yue fu. The verdict, the verdict is the default judgment, the defendant served with a summons by the court not to take part in the proceedings, also did not submit a reply. After the first instance verdict, the defendant did not appeal. The local 4 suspects to the court of the executive officer seized accounts were playing a matter for the criminal control, Caoxian County propaganda department was opened in September 15th to respond, said the September 8th morning at 9:45 PM, Shouguang City Court two staff Li Moumou, song Moumou and executive Li Feng Liu Yuxin to Caoxian, the China Agricultural Bank, seized the debtor Shandong BRIC Investment Company Limited accounts, by the company staff and workers hinder. Caoxian Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene after the alarm disposal, hindering the execution of jobs were expelled, and two executive staff of the court and execution of the applicant Li Fenghuazhu相关的主题文章: