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The film adaptation of   Huibi unjust case; after a lapse of 3 years to revisit reporter Zhang nephew — Anhui channel — according to the Anhui Daily reported on September 22nd, the film "not guilty" in the Xinjiang premiere, the film adaptation of the Shexian Zhang nephew unjust case sensational. In 2003, the Shexian youth Zhang Hui and his brother-in-law Zhang Gaoping was accused of rape causing death, were sentenced to death and sentenced to 15 years in 2013, two people have been acquitted, shocked the country. The premiere of the movie will not invite two people to attend, but they are very light, and now Zhang Gaoping, Zhang Hui’s life slowly return to calm, two people have invested in the business, new homes built in the home. Zhang Gaoping is going to be moved to a new house to live, the two married daughter is also very filial. Zhang Hui is in her father Zhang high, ready to repair the pig sty. [Gaoping] is not invited to attend a movie premiere in September 22nd without regret, by Zhang Gaoping, Zhang Hui, Shu Zhiliang experienced the film adaptation of "innocence" in Xinjiang, Wujiaqu City Cultural Center held a premiere of wujiaqu. For the premiere viewing of more than 600 from the public security organs of the audience, the film as much as possible to restore the true Zhang Shu Zhiliang from jingfangxingju, to arrest the two trial, all the details until the final acquittal. Before the shooting, the crew deliberately rushed to Shexian to find Zhang Gaoping, Zhang Hui, Shu Zhiliang interview, and the case of first and second file all borrowed. This more than 600 viewing crowd, and there is no movie prototype Zhang Gaoping, Zhang Hui, the two. Until October 12th, the reporter contacted Zhang usually, he has released for the movie. This movie is absolutely ignorant of, "before the shooting approached us, now released? We’re not invited to the premiere. But this does not matter, there is no regret." Zhang Gaoping said, now he just want to slowly return to a quiet life, do not want to be disturbed. When chatting with reporters, Zhang Gaoping is standing in his hometown of Shexian newly built houses, buildings built 5 floors, white walls and black tiles, typical Huizhou architecture, it is impressive. This house is built with the renovation, a total of about 700000 yuan." Zhang Gaoping is very satisfied with the new house. As Zhang Gaoping may, now they live in Shu Zhiliang is slowly calm, no longer just out of prison door that year, reporters, other people will have to complain of injustice home barriers are overcome. Zhang Gaoping will now sometimes and my hometown people chatted about this unjust case experience, others say it is not 13 years ago this unjust case changed the life trajectory of Zhang Gaoping, Shu Zhiliang now perhaps has a rich side. Unjust case after vindicated 110 per million yuan compensation, compensation for the high court of Zhejiang province looks like a lot, but now in Hefei, even an ordinary residential can not afford." More than 3 years out of prison, strong character, never reported his prison number in prison, refused to commute Zhang Gaoping, the character has become a lot of ease. Zhang Gaoping has been living in their own home, eat, he felt a personal life, if there is no mean cook. To find the object blind repeatedly without sleep, etc. to live in new houses, Zhang Gaoping himself ready to cook, "will slowly return to normal life." Zhang Gaoping’s 2 daughters were already married, but I have missed him, often)相关的主题文章: