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The driver drunk driving checked luck: you do not rest National Day – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Tan Yao) "National Day you do not rest?" This may be checked during the National Day this year, the drunk driver asked the police a maximum sentence. This does not, Miss Lee lucky hit on the car without a break and check drunk driving. The day before yesterday evening, Shapingba Traffic and patrol police detachment of police in yanggongqiao overpass crossing on the card, drunk driving, driving without a license and other serious violations of the investigation. 10 points late at night, Lee, aged 32, after driving through the inspection was found drunk driving motor vehicles. At that time, Ms. Lee’s car and a child under 2 years of age and a young man of the age of more than and 60. "National day you also check drunk driving?" Ms. Lee said that on the same day, they travel back at night and one family, relatives and friends gathered at dinner, drank some wine, "the thought that the police National Day most likely still on vacation, not drunk driving, so I feel lucky to open the car, did not expect or found out." Ms. Lee also said that the 60 year old fellow is a relative of her, the old man will drive, but she was worried about the old man’s age, did not let the elderly open, and now really regret it. Because of the illegal behavior of drunken driving, Ms. Lee faced a driver’s license was suspended for 6 months and fined 1000 yuan, and also need to re apply for motor vehicle driver’s license examination subjects be qualified only after re driving qualification.相关的主题文章: