The challenge is not possible, the second quarter press conference held Qing Dong for the fir barcarolle

"Impossible" challenge the second quarter conference held   Qing Dong has admitted for the first time the baby — entertainment channel — original title: Qing Dong has admitted for the first time the baby in September 5th, CCTV "impossible" challenge the second quarter conference held in beijing. Qing Dong visited the group for the first time in default has a baby, became a mother. Qing Dong birth rumors as early as in 2014 when she went to the United States to study abroad came out, one year after returning to CCTV when asked about marriage and children, she responded with a private question does not answer. In April this year, the "All Star" Qing Dong photographed with a mother with a child in the supermarket shopping, for she has a mother adds evidence. The day of the press conference, the media frequently launched an offensive to ask the child related topics, although Qing Dong intends to avoid, but in a series of questioning or loose mouth, the default has a baby. When a reporter asked, "take care of the children there is no possible challenge?" Qing Dong responded: This is the face of all the people can find a way to do things, not impossible, not so serious." Subsequently, Qing Dong added: "any phase of the child’s growth may be a challenge to the parents, the child will need to grow up slowly communication and education." Asked to take care of the children what is the good thing, Qing Dong smiled and said: "now tell the truth how many there are helper, mom and dad." (according to (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: