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The Cai Yingwen family estate was reported for the assets of the Kuomintang – Sohu press the haibawang land, used to be the military land, Cai Yingwen in 2009 to attend the activities mentioned haibawang, when she said "this is my family business, but we are only the landlord, the restaurant is not within the scope of our company." Cai Zhengyuan, executive director of the KMT policy at the end of last year to open a press conference, had raised the price of land acquired by the king of the land of the overlord of the family, according to the court documents, it is likely to NT $14! Cai Zhengyuan said at the time, I don’t think I myself! We were shocked to see the court papers. He was obtained after a lawsuit, the amount of the lawsuit is NT $14. According to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported earlier, Cai Yingwen’s father Cai Jiesheng by aircraft repair, repair success, the remaining assets to the 10 children is quite amazing, Tsai’s rich history is also is the Hong Kong legends of Taiwan". Cai’s assets, mostly rely on Cai Jiesheng hard accumulated. Cai Jiesheng in the Japanese occupation era is one of the few young pilots were sent to Japan to learn the aircraft repair. After the two World War, he returned to Taipei to work, business, and in the Zhongshan North Road neighborhood, opened an auto repair factory. At that time, a car can be opened, mostly officials and stationed in Taiwan, the United States, Cai Jiesheng was also at the time of the U.S. military advisory group, friendly relations. It is reported that Cai father and therefore found a business opportunity, it is cheap to purchase U.S. scrap car recycling, to repair, beauty, coupled with the sale, profit is high. Cai father on such a step by step accumulation of wealth, and then transferred to real estate investment, then the value of multiple growth. DPP Taipei city councilor Wang Weizhong last year to press conference also confirmed the rescue. He read the construction license and land administration information over the year, was found by Jiang Jieshi began to build trust and feel five again for two million by Jiang Jieshi cronies cover sea overlord buildings, not Cai Yingwen’s father Cai Jiesheng building. Wang Weizhong said at the time, the sea king building from scratch, in 1967, the Kuomintang officials with Whampoa  students will use the name in the park is scheduled to cover commercial buildings, and completed in 1969, then in 1970 sold to Cai Yingwen’s father Cai Jiesheng. Friends of Sherron’s report, the message is definitely not check……" "Within four years will certainly not be able to get this…", "we look at the so-called investigation to look at the big 70 years of lawyers dare to do", "how to do? Meet Li Denghui, James Soong, Cai Yingwen also don’t check down?" "Why, Cai Jiesheng and spy chief such friends?"相关的主题文章: