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Test the curtain to restart the Milky Way and Virgin Blue origin will accelerate the process of the Milky Way SpaceShipTwo spacecraft space tourism virgin Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 11th news, according to foreign media reports, in addition to often entrenched in the headlines and the Milky Way SpaceX, Virgin Blue origin (Bezos founded) development of space tourism also contributed. In the near future they have big moves, began to switch to the fast track of space travel contract. The Milky Way virgin virgin again after a lapse of two years, the Milky Way into the sky, the British tycoon Richard · Branson (Richard Branson) to create the space tourism company has been diehard powder. But 2 years ago, when their spacecraft exploded in flight test, resulting in the death of 1 pilots, plans to go to space temporarily stranded. In this test, a huge opportunity set will perform the task with the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft to 50000 feet (about 15240 meters) altitude, then took the ship in the Mojave desert cruise 3 hours and 43 minutes. The Milky Way virgin company claims, "in our shared open skies to change the world pursue, this is an exciting milepost". With other space exploration rocket vehicle, choose the spacecraft in the Milky Way virgin air". Their SpaceShipTwo will hang on the aircraft to fly to high altitude and ignition, and finally into the suborbital. But in this flight, the spacecraft did not separate with the carrier. The Milky Way virgin hope will become the first tourists into space on the edge of the company, hundreds of people have signed a contract with the company, and some people even have to pay the full amount of $250 thousand for travel. The origin of blue and the blue origin of Bezos also announced plans to conduct a critical test in October, so that the space flight will be closer to reality. Test the field emission New Shepard rocket it plans in West Texas, then the implementation of the so-called "flying escape" experiment, that is equipped with a space capsule and thruster separation of passengers, after flying a distance by parachute landing. This is a very important experiment, once the rocket problem, it is the life of the astronauts. Bezos said that the upcoming flight test will be the most difficult test for us, and may even lead to the destruction of the propeller. New Shepard was the first Falcon 9 rocket to make history, it became the first to cross the 96 km altitude "space threshold" and a safe landing recovery rocket (but the rocket is relatively small). Most Rockets will be discarded after a single use, and the recoverable and reusable features of such rockets can greatly reduce the cost of space flight. SpaceX has also achieved a similar feat, even the larger, heavier rocket into orbit. So far, New Shepard conducted a total of four test flights, but not manned test. If the trials are successful, "Bezos said the rocket will enter the museum by viewing". However, the rocket is likely not to be safely recovered, because most of the propeller is filled with fuel, it is likely to explode. Bezos said: "regardless of the outcome, such as)相关的主题文章: