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Taiwan has not been invited to participate in the civil aviation general Cai Yingwen "strong dissatisfaction" with the original title: Taiwan was not invited to participate in the international civil aviation general Cai Yingwen: strong dissatisfaction, should not be excluded from the three years the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for political conference will be held in Canada in September 27th, Taiwan Foreign Affairs Department Li Dawei today (23 days) confirmed. Taiwan did not receive an invitation, in this regard, Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen expressed regret and strong dissatisfaction ", saying that it is Taiwan extremely unfair treatment," should not because a person does not accept some democratic framework restrictions, and deprived of their rights". The reaction is particularly intense, the DPP Legislative Yuan caucus Secretary General Liu Shifang, legislators, Chen Chih Cheng Lo Ting Fei, Lv Sunling, Lin Jingyi, Wang Dingyu, Cai Shiying and others held a press conference, "condemned", to suppress Taiwan’s international living space, called the island no matter in wild regardless of blue and green, in the face of pressure, "unanimously". Previously, the ARATS chairman Chen Deming told the Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" interview that, if Taiwan is to participate in international conferences or multilateral activities, both sides must first negotiate, negotiate a consensus or to be carried out in 92 sides belong to one of the premise, without this premise, this thing would not exist." Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang also said that the issue of Taiwan’s participation in the activities of international organizations, our position is clear and consistent, that must be a Chinese principle, make arrangements through consultations between the two sides. Taiwan was not invited to participate in the ICAO conference of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conference will be held in Montreal, Canada on September 27th, Taiwan through the United States mediation, has not received an invitation. Comprehensive Taiwan media today news, "foreign minister" Li Dawei said on the 23, Taiwan did not receive an invitation, very sorry. The scene asked the media, the United States does not need to support the participation of the state? Li Dawei morning in the Legislative Yuan, said the interview, in the past to the Taipei civil aviation authority as a guest, this year also in the same mode, but did not receive an invitation. According to earlier media reports, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said 22 by the end of the 22 day, Taiwan’s participation in the ICAO case no progress update, but will continue to strive for a friendly international support, urged the allies and friendly countries expressed support for Taiwan once again invited to participate in the ICAO conference position to the International Civil Aviation organization. And called on the ICAO to participate in Taiwan can be based on the contribution of the global civil aviation safety, and the international community are generally supported by the facts of the meeting, hoping to invite Taiwan to participate in the ICAO conference." In this regard, China KMT Legislative Yuan Chief Deputy Secretary Wang Yumin 20, was also in the policy question asked Li Dawei, Congress of the international civil aviation organization can get an invitation? Li Dawei replied, the next 3 days is the key". Wang Yumin said this, the next 3 days is this Friday, if you did not receive an invitation to 23, it is determined not to receive? Li Dawei said, "that’s probably the way it is."". Cai Yingwen: "we express strong Jun相关的主题文章: