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Taiwan sent love cakes thank Fujian Yongding volunteer care (Figure) – Beijing new network in Yongding in September 12, (Liu Yongliang) of Fujian Province, Longyan city Yongding District red land public association 12 disclosure, a letter from the Taiwan Kaohsiung City Association received the mail before it makes Zhang Huawen feel Association Office surprised, because the members of the association have no relatives and friends in Taiwan. But as soon as he opened the letter, Zhang Huawen’s memory returned to him nearly a month ago. This is a letter of thanks, Taiwan compatriots Li Jingxiong, Fu Ling Ling couple wrote. The letter said: "thank you very much for your brothers and sisters help us to charter (August) 18 noon Taiwan arrived at Kaohsiung, in Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to continue treatment, the next day the notice may be discharged at home, is currently recovering well." This is how to return a responsibility? Originally, in August 13th this year, about 10:30 in the morning, a bus carrying Taiwan Fuzhou passenger travel team bus in Hukeng town of Yongding District 357 state line road new village road suddenly encountered a landslide disaster accident. Yongding District, after receiving the report, immediately launched the emergency plan, the first time to organize transportation, public security, fire departments and Hukeng town local cadres and the masses to the scene to rescue, and arrange hospitals in the town and township power arrangements for deployment of nearby ambulances rushed to the scene. To the scene of the rescue personnel about 11:00 basically completed, all the wounded were sent to the hospital and the hospital of Yongding district. The picture shows the Taiwan compatriots love moon cake. Photo by Liu Yongliang after hearing the news, in the arrangements under the leadership of the Communist Youth League Committee of Yongding District, Yongding District, Yongding Volunteer Association red land public association immediately organize the recruitment of volunteers. 13, more than 20 volunteers from all parts of Yongding rushed to the hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, in an orderly manner to assist medical staff to take care of the injured compatriots in. Yongding District Red Land Public Welfare Association volunteers Lai Meifang responsible for the care of ribs injured compatriots Li Jingxiong, from the scrub to change clothes, to tea and bottled water and meal feeding, to help clean up the waste, take good care of Lai Meifang, Li won the praise Jingxiong. Mr. Li was grateful to say in an interview with the media, said: they are good for us, we have been taken care of very well, 24 hours have not stopped, thank you." Mr. Li returned to Taiwan, has been grateful, then write a letter of thanks, also sent a piece of "Zhiqing evermind" plaque, twelve boxes of moon cakes, pineapple cakes a "mountain rescue training materials" domain. The letter said: "this time thanks to your help, we would like to thank the couple in the heart, your side forever souvenir, Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, with Taiwan pineapple cake to share, wish you a happy mid autumn festival." Between the lines, let Yongding District red land public association volunteers feel compatriots on both sides of the deep. (end)相关的主题文章: