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Taiwan eighth cases of imported cases for the new village card network in September Beijing in male in 13 according to the Taiwan news network reported that the Taiwan disease management department announced the eighth cases of imported Zika virus confirmed case, a 63 year old men in Changhua, from August 28th to September 4th and the family returned to Vietnam. Because have a fever, headache and other symptoms and medical treatment, inspection confirmed infection Zika virus, this is the first case of infection in Vietnam village card case. "CDC deputy director Zhuang Renxiang pointed out that so far this year identified 8 cases of confirmed cases of Zika virus infection, respectively in Thailand, Indonesia, Florida, Singapore, Vietnam etc.. Zhuang Renxiang said that the Changhua case has been discharged, mosquito isolation measures shall be to September 17th, according to the analysis of case history for infection incubation activities, vietnam. Epidemic prevention emergency vaccination, but fortunately the case counterparts, family members and colleagues are currently no symptoms, local health bureau has started as a prevention and treatment. Zhuang Renxiang said that the general Zika virus infection in adults with mild symptoms, but pregnant women after infection may result in fetal death or microcephaly, remind pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy should be deferred to the epidemic area. If people need to go to the village card epidemic, should do mosquito control measures from endemic areas after follow the "1+6" principle of protective measures, blood donation should be suspended for 1 months, 6 months and regardless of symptoms, should take the safe sex and delayed pregnancy. Zhuang Renxiang urged people to consciously as possible infection Zika virus, should take the initiative to contact the airport have a fever screening station; after returning in two weeks if you feel unwell, seek medical advice as soon as possible and inform the history of tourism, in order to facilitate physician diagnosis and treatment.相关的主题文章: