Taiwan Affairs Office, concerned about the earthquake in Taiwan contributed a total of over 20 milli-christie stevens

Taiwan Affairs Office:, concerned about the earthquake in Taiwan contributed a total of over 20 million yuan in February Beijing Beijing – 24 – Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Anne Fengshan today said at the press conference, the mainland community of southern Taiwan 6.7 earthquake occurred very concerned, I sincerely wish the affected compatriots in Taiwan will soon heal earthquake trauma, reconstruction. A reporter asked, at the beginning of this year, the earthquake area of southern Taiwan, affects the hearts of the people, the general secretary Xi Jinping, and the community are highly concerned, would like to introduce you to the island of Taiwan, is how to transfer this love? Ann Fengshan said, 6.7 earthquake occurred in the early morning of February 6th in southern Taiwan, causing heavy casualties and property losses. General secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, expressed deep condolences to the victims, expressed deep condolences to the injured compatriots, and expressed willingness to provide assistance in all aspects. Ann Fengshan said, the community, which are also very concerned, have expressed condolences to the relief of Italy, and actively aid donations. According to preliminary statistics, at present, the total contributions have been more than 20 million yuan. As for the specific circumstances of the rescue and condolences to the mainland, some time ago, the media on both sides have made a lot of reports. Ann Fengshan said, relentless natural disasters, compatriots love. We sincerely hope that Taiwan compatriots affected as early as possible to heal the earthquake trauma, reconstruction.

国台办:大陆关注台湾地震 捐助总额超2000万人民币-中新网   中新网2月24日电 国台办发言人安峰山今天在发布会上表示,大陆社会各界对台湾南部发生6.7级地震十分关注,衷心祝愿受灾台湾同胞能够早日抚平震灾创伤,重建家园。   有记者提问,新年伊始,台湾南部地区发生了地震,牵动着大陆民众的心,习近平总书记以及大陆社会各界都高度关注,想请您介绍一下大陆方面是如何向台湾岛内传送这份爱心的?   安峰山说,2月6日凌晨台湾南部发生6.7级地震,造成重大人员伤亡和财产损失。习近平总书记、李克强总理发表讲话,向遇难同胞表达沉痛哀悼,向受伤同胞表示深切慰问,并表示愿提供各方面协助。   安峰山说,大陆社会各界对此也都十分关注,纷纷表达慰问救助之意,并积极捐款援助。据初步统计,目前捐助总额已超过2000万元人民币。至于具体的大陆的有关慰问和救援情况,前段时间两岸媒体都作了大量报道。   安峰山表示,天灾无情,同胞有爱。我们衷心祝愿受灾台湾同胞能够早日抚平震灾创伤,重建家园。相关的主题文章: