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Since a double diagnosis of mycotoxicosis, people often question why we have different symptoms. Symptoms vary from person to person because we’re all unique individuals. No two people have the same genetic make-up or immune system. The type of exposures and time exposed have to be taken into account. But if you are suffering from a myriad of symptoms which no one can seem to figure out you should think about your environment. Be it your home, school or workplace, mold infestation is causing serious illness across the nation. Are you in a water-damaged building? Do you notice stained ceilings? A leak in the air conditioner unit? Do you notice you feel better when you are away from your environment? Do you feel worse when you return? Mold victims usually have up to 25 symptoms. Mold related illnesses often mimic so many other diseases. You know you’re sick. You really are experiencing strange and adverse health problems you’ve never had before. Yet being you have so many .plaints, many physicians tell you "it’s all in your head". Most physicians never even ask you about your environment. You may begin to even question yourself after a while. You find yourself grasping at straws because you’re getting sicker and no one can figure out what’s even wrong with you. This is .mon to people affected by toxigenic mold or mycotoxins. Often mold is not even visible to the naked eye, yet it can be hidden in the walls, floors or ceilings. Where there is water damage and moisture mold can grow and produce dangerous mycotoxins. Mycotoxins can be inhaled, absorbed or ingested causing serious illness. Mycotoxins like aflatoxin and trichothecene have been used as agents of biowarfare. Colin Powell said biological weapons are his greatest fear. Toxic mold has no mercy. It does not discriminate. It attacks all ages and walks of life. Old houses and new construction! No one is immune. Don’t let anyone lead you to believe you cannot get sick from mold. Not only can you get sick, but you can lose your life once it systemic, if left untreated. Mycotoxicosis is not an allergy. It is a toxic poisoning. We have learned a lot since our health was destroyed. We had no choice but do our own research, as there was nowhere to turn. Nobody would listen. We were both diagnosed with a systemic mold infection, aspergillosis, stachybotrytoxicosis and also trichothecene poisoning. This was confirmed by dna analyses on blood and lung secretions, mold and mycotoxin antibodies and pathology. We also had environmental testing confirm the presence of many dangerous molds, as well as extremely toxic levels of trichothecene in our home. We now talk to and try to help others across the nation who are going through the same ordeal. Lack of education caused us to also lose our home, clothes and worldly possessions because they were highly contaminated. At this point, we didn’t yet realize mold was the culprit so we cross-contaminated our next residence. We know how to advise others in the same position not to make a potentially deadly mistake of keeping all your belongings. Make sure your environment is only tested or remediated by someone with the proper credentials, for your health could be at stake. We also know the list of symptoms we have. When we talk to other mold victims so many of them share the same type health effects. Certain things seem to happen on a rather regular basis, though no two people are ever exactly the same. Below is a list of the most .mon symptoms of mold illness we’ve found to be the case. There are many more, but this is a partial list. Mycotoxins can also cause immune dysfunction and are even carcogenic. If you’re experiencing any of these or a lot of them, please consider your environment. Severe abdominal pain (often sudden onset) Extreme muscle aches and chronic pain Tightness, pain in chest wall Very dry eyes Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Hoarseness Loss of concentration Short term memory loss Low (or high) blood pressure Low Body Temperature Nosebleeds Mouth Sores Out of norm headaches Hair Loss Hearing Loss Confusion Restless Leg (spasms of feet, toes as well) Chronic fatigue Vertigo Red or bloodshot eyes Mucous membrane irritation Nail infections Sudden weight gain or loss Painless tiny blood-like blisters on skin Respiratory infections Shortness of breath Sinus infections, excessive mucous production Tooth decay near the gum area, loosening of teeth, abcesses Blurred or distorted vision Constipation or diarrhea Tingling or burning sensation in hands or feet Sleeping for long periods Seizure-like episodes Pinhole size pupils Edema 相关的主题文章: