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Sun Li Peter Ho has again exposed the new lineup of Myolie Wu joined Sina entertainment news of the Chinese television entertainment led produced the modern legend female drama "that bloom on a perfect circle" boot ceremony was held on October 8th. This time, in addition to the director Ding black [micro-blog], screenwriter, producer Zhao Yi Su Xiaoyuan [micro-blog], art and costume design consultant Yip [micro-blog], an Wubao Wushi descendants of Wu Guohua and other creative staff full debut, all starring lineup also first exposure. It is reported that the show after five years of painstaking efforts, shooting across five provinces and one city for half a year long, candid "Qin’s" spirit in the present. Co director Ding Hei to join the lineup after Sun Li [micro-blog], Chen Xiao [micro-blog] the first round lineup after the announcement, for the drama starring other expectations and hot degree is always high, more netizens call "piece of confidential work very well, but this time in the starting ceremony, the drama lineup is finally [micro-blog type of exposure. Once in the TV series "Yu Guanyin" in collaboration with Sun Li Peter Ho [micro-blog], and there [micro-blog], Myolie Wu [micro-blog], Yu Haoming [micro-blog] Ceng Qi, Wan Meixi, Niki Chow, Li Jie, [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zhang Tianyang, Li Zefeng, promised, Gao Shengyuan will play in a wonderful performance. To show the Qin Dynasty portrait, the show invited gold old drama of bone blockbuster franchise. Who won the Golden Rooster Award, awards, San Sebastian Film Festival Best Actor Liu Peiqi, won two Golden Bell Award Morni Chang [micro-blog], the Golden Horse Award for best actor Tse Kwan Ho [micro-blog], best supporting actress Tang Qun, in "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain lingsu Cheng" Mini Kung, "the 87 edition of a dream of Red Mansions husband and wife Hou Changrong [micro-blog] Chen Jianyue, [micro-blog]," Zhen "father" Shen Baoping and Tan Xi, and Zhang Xiqian, Liu Jie [micro-blog] play bone level actor to join, so this has a profound sense of drama’s style show. Sun Li with jianghuqi look forward to continue to tell the truth " Ding black; " "self" that bloom on a perfect circle published by Sun Li starring, and again after 14 years to join the "jade goddess of mercy" director Ding black. The origin of folk early Zhou Ying Town, rivers and lakes full of gas, originally is the arena girl, but because your 21ours into Wu Jia Dong hospital, miraculously became a housewife, unprovoked into the various interests of the game in. When the husband Wu hired after the death of Zhou Ying began to show her business thinking and strategy, not only to keep its promise to face the embarrassment of the family still adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, even leading the turbulent situation in the road of reform, taking the glorious history of Qin River, ascertain the fate of women and historical change. How about the actors how to face the challenges of the market, Sun Li said his " do not understand the market, do not go to market analysis ", that the character and the actor itself is like" reincarnation ", somewhere there is a fate in traction, Zhou Ying is love at first sight. Sun Li and Ding black director of cooperation can be traced back to 2002, the "jade goddess of mercy", she was still new with the open visibility, Sun Li laughed and said "when I say to him is not an actor, is a never play girl. So he can use some of the most authentic language without any repair相关的主题文章: