Stock index fell 15% times in the past year, the world’s main stock market ranked 16 countdown to se

The 16 stock index fell 15% year after the world’s major stock market listed second last Friday (September 30th), A shares all day long narrow fluctuations, liquor, household appliances, non-ferrous metals, real estate stocks were active, Shanghai, Shenzhen state owned shares outstanding, financial stocks soft. The Shanghai Composite Index rose and eventually closed at 3000 points. This week, the Shanghai composite index is down about 1% in September, tired and fell 2.6%, after rising in March, the three quarter rose over 2%. The Shanghai stock market turnover of 112 billion 800 million yuan, hit a new low since fuse. This week, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.96%, down 2.62% month, quarter rose 2.56%. Shenzhengchengzhi this week fell 0.4%, down 1.77% month, when the quarter rose 0.74%. Small board index fell 0.56% this week, the month fell by 2.55%. Gem index fell 0.3% this week, down $1.9% this month. This year, the world’s major stock index rose, the stock index fell only to win the Italy stock market and ranked second in the world’s major stock markets, the first three quarters fell by 15.1%. The world’s major stock market index this year as follows: the Dow rose 4.12%, the NASDAQ index rose 5.23%, the S & P index rose 5.24%; in Europe, the FTSE 100 index rose 10.85%, the German DAX index fell 3.14% in Frankfurt, Russia’s RTS index rose 31.85%; the Nikkei 225 index fell 13.58% this year, the Italy stock market fell 22.64% this year, stock index fell behind Italy is the world’s major stock market bottom second. Investment strategy: hot spots, Wolong real estate to 4 billion 400 million cross-border acquisition of assets in the game, the occasion of the equipment to be 2 billion 800 million yuan acquisition of high-end communications equipment manufacturers, the resumption of strong limit. Luyitong announced the termination of a major asset reorganization plan to buy Hangzhou Jia Nan Yun Chi 100% stake in the Mdt InfoTech Ltd, after the resumption of trading is still trading, mainly to the benefit of compensatory growth and future restructuring is expected. ST continues to outbreak, *ST Xinghua, *ST, *ST, *ST jichai infront, ST ball, Cang Hui Lufeng *ST trading, *ST blue, *ST Feng V-Ti and other gainers. Shenzhen state owned reform stocks strong, deep property A, special information, Shahe shares gratifying gains. Biological products plate high, Shanghai RAAS, ring biological, Tiantan biological, biochemical ST also has the good performance. The holiday consumption concept of liquor stocks active, Kweichow Moutai, gujinggong, JiuGuiJiu, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Jinshiyuan, Wuliangye and other gainers. The concept of equity is still the biggest bright spot is the recent weakness in the market only hot, including equity transfer and placards two categories, both news to stimulate new stocks, there are stocks involved before placards or transfer of shares. The stock equity transfer mainly involves the lth, the British special forces, Hechi chemical, Coship, Hainan Coconut Island, Wuchang, money effect fermentation. These days a few days before the plate effect is enhanced, and the open mining pattern, a hot topic after repeated speculation into the mining stage means that the adjustment plate differentiation is coming, can rise either strong or low compensatory growth stocks. "Sense" has become the recent stock market frequent events, but also shows investors;相关的主题文章: