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Sri Lanka: Ceylon tea, the difference between heaven and earth! Chick – Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Travel Tourism Sohu first from the media only recommend the most interesting gameplay, the best quality products. – – – the little girl say: Chick recently opened a Ceylon Black Tea shop, get a lot of friends support. There are many friends said: "still don’t pick it, can you give some advice ah." So I recorded the following video. The following is the first time I use video communication and communication, if there is any bad place to do…… Then you hit me! Tea is a kind of forced and healthy drink. Ceylon tea, the world’s first ISO tea technology award, has been evaluated by the international community in the field of pesticide and drug residues. Is considered to be the most clean tea (what is the most important this year? Safety and health ah) to compare today are two tea bags of the invention is to change the way of tea, the tea becomes more convenient and fashion. So, we pay attention to the efficiency of the tea for the young (which help the male god goddess). Comparison of the Dilmah is the two Fun Tea series T series before the strawberry flavor, jasmine, tea Green Tea: 1 how is invented? Have you ever wondered about this? Who is to tea this thing? It’s like I checked this morning, suddenly: why is Bluetooth called Bluetooth? A tea importer, Sullivan, to attract customers to buy tea, silk bags as a packaging. Some of the customers misunderstood Sullivan’s intentions and soaked the tea bag in the water. A misunderstanding caused the birth of tea. But the expensive material, silk bag hole is too thick, not suitable for tea, which is derived from the later tea bag. More anecdotes about tea: the Opium War was triggered by the murder of tea? Ceylon tea is the reincarnation of Earl Grey Tea: respected by foreigners, we drink it like detergent? 2, better than the tea bags? Chinese do tea (Cha Bao), are generally not used very high-grade tea. Because people believe that the process of tea is not only confined to the tea taste or aroma, but also enjoy the morphology in water tea (Zen). Therefore, to do the low-grade tea tea. But foreign countries pay attention to the efficiency and practical, so it may be a good tea tea. Three dimensional package and ordinary paper bag Dilmah Fun Tea series of strawberry flavored black tea (hereinafter referred to as "strawberry black tea"), is an ordinary paper bag tea, is also the most common supermarket Dilamah tea. T series of jasmine Green Tea, is a three-dimensional tea bag (hereinafter referred to as the "Jasmine Green Tea"). About tea bag material strawberry black tea: filter paper, can not see the inside of the tea, looming black powder. Jasmine Green Tea: food grade transparent nylon bag tea (known as the "Silk tea") can see the inner state of tea leaves. Strawberry: Black Tea flat bag bag: Jasmine Green Tea large space, can see the material inside the three-dimensional tea bag space, that is to say.相关的主题文章: