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Sogou Baidu patent wars, in the end release what information? The science and technology Sohu | Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou) in October 28 Japan should be a quiet Friday. However, due to the Phoenix News client today’s headlines accused of traffic hijacking, as well as Baidu sued the court of knowledge in Beijing infringement of these two events of the first burst, so this weekend is not peace. Moreover, if the Phoenix news just because of "traffic hijacking" provoked the dispute is with today’s headlines, then Baidu and Sogou can be described as "vendetta". Although only for simple media reports Baidu sued Sogou event, the two sides also did not directly call. However, taking into account the two sides is a full range of competitors, but the time is just the two sides have just released earnings day, so the war is clearly lit up more. Sogou Baidu patent war origin according to media reports, Baidu claims its Sogou Sogou Pinyin input method Sogou input method for mobile phone "violated Baidu input method up to ten patents, Sogou requires the amount of compensation one hundred million yuan. Early to hear this news, I believe many people will like me surprised, because it might not fit with our common sense and cognition. According to public information, Sogou input method was first introduced in June 2006, while the introduction of Baidu’s first introduced in the rule of law in the year of October 2010, more than four years of evening line Sogou, had not been known. Therefore, even the Baidu sued Sogou input method of intellectual property infringement or a surprise, after all, the industry in which the pursuer prosecution leader suspected of infringement of intellectual property rights, which is rare in the Internet industry. More interesting is that just a year ago, Sogou input method has to Beijing intellectual property court and the Shanghai intellectual property court and the Supreme People’s Court of Shanghai filed a lawsuit against Baidu input method of patent infringement claims after a total of 17, a total amount of 260 million yuan, this is called the history of the Internet China patented the first case create a great sensation. However, until now, a year ago Sogou input method sued Baidu infringement case has not yet closed. According to understand, after the proposed infringement lawsuit Sogou, Baidu subsequently filed a lawsuit to the court of Baidu Sogou input method alleged infringement of 17 patents invalid objection. In April this year, the State Intellectual Property Office of the Patent Reexamination Board conducted an oral hearing. And, in recent days, the State Intellectual Property Office of the 17 patents involved in the case of the patent to make an effective review of the decision, which is likely to cause the fact that Baidu’s alleged infringement of the input method. And combined with the media burst Baidu sued Sogou input method for infringement of intellectual property rights and claims one hundred million in this case, Baidu can be seen that this prosecution is very likely to Sogou a year ago to sue the infringement "countermeasures". The patent war is behind the competition in the industry on the other hand, coincidentally, Baidu sued time Sogou input method of tort, both sides is just released third quarter earnings after the more intriguing. According to Baidu’s third quarter earnings report, Baidu’s total revenue reached $18 billion 253 million, down by 0.7%, a record.相关的主题文章: