Societe Generale strategy risk exposure can not be lucky strategic allocation of high-quality assets

Industrial policy: risk exposure is luck strategic allocation of high-quality assets: Sina App live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money from WeChat public number: XYSTRATEGY investment outlook points: risk exposure to luck, the risk does not need to panic, strategic allocation high quality assets — during the national day of many cities open real estate regulation, or will usher in the stage of the inflection point. The industrial strategy team once again made the forward-looking anticipation, we repeatedly stressed that since September that the prices are soaring bubble and the accumulation of the risk, if not allowed to control, may affect the livelihood of the people, and lead to social conflicts increase, the widening gap between rich and poor, the mortgage pressure will be formed out of consumption. During the national day of several cities so dense synchronization open real estate regulation, but also shows the management to curb asset price bubble determination. The real estate regulation may bring negative impacts in the following aspects: 1, the regulation will affect property sales, the subsequent new construction and real estate investment down will make fundamental pressure; 2, the formation of monetary easing restrictions; 3, do not rule out the formation of hot money outflow pressure. — real estate regulation suddenly reminded us that the risk exposure can not have luck, some of the problems we had repeatedly stressed that in our report may have been a commonplace talk of an old scholar but does not rule out a point, suddenly scared the market jump". Overseas, volatility shock, the dollar index internode pounds, offshore renminbi again broken 6.70, the risk also confirms our previous overseas fluctuation repeatedly prompted and did not end, but gradually enlarged, the disturbance of asset prices will continue to rise. In addition, still need to pay close attention to: 1, the United States after the election to accelerate the uncertainty of the rally stage; the 2, will be held in Italy in December 4th constitutional reform referendum. Domestic, financial leverage, the risk of the bond market is still vigilant. The central bank to restart the 14 day, the 28 day repurchase reduced overnight money supply inhibit the bond market arbitrage, the fourth quarter is credit debt maturity peak pricing risk form does not preclude the appropriate release repair bond credit risk, it is also a way to suppress the bubble. – once the risk occurs, the A shares will not be excessive panic, the risk points to confirm or falsify may trigger phase of the market volatility, but long periods, more than A shares on the configuration value is not necessarily a bad thing. From the perspective of global capital flows, due to the uncertainty in Europe and the United States, after the cold emerging markets may once again usher in the favor of configuration capital. Recent MSCI to A shares to throw an olive branch, the world’s largest ETF company Vanguard also completed the inclusion of A shares, all confirmed the attractiveness of A shares to enhance foreign investment. Domestic major categories of assets, compared to the bond market and real estate, A share price is also higher. Even before the end of innovation is not the probability of systemic risk is still low, snail shell to do temple. At present time, the risk has not yet been fully exposed by price or in, to "mine"; the stock position is high, incremental funding admission by regulatory constraints and weak; "eat" after the market has been more difficult to find, is still on the left相关的主题文章: