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So shocking "Golden Eagle goddess" Tang Yan Zheng Shuangna unexpectedly rushing as a tie? Intro: "Golden Eagle goddess" tonight is about to be announced, but a few candidate actress debate has not ended, the fans for the female stars Huan, but I really want to have a gold gown, with eagle, fly to the sky, when the goddess? It is better to look at the shocking "Golden Eagle goddess" other then go for it…… The most popular candidate: Tang Yanzheng Shuang Nazha two years the Golden Eagle TV Festival will be held in October 14th in Changsha, as the biggest highlight of the Golden Eagle TV Festival will also be announced. Each session will elect a hot in the field of drama new generation actress as the golden goddess ", which has become her fans for their idol chunqiangshezhan spot, this year is no exception. Tang Yanzheng, said this year’s candidates are: Shuang Nazha, Di Ali Gerba, Joe Chen, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as: Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Zheng Shuang. This lineup, a look that is a "tough" ~ this is not, at first there is one incident, the Internet suddenly launched an unofficial "Golden Eagle goddess" is said to vote, the highest number of votes will be down, eventually Zheng Shuang overwhelmingly won the first, causing Zheng Shuang to become the Golden Eagle Goddess is almost a guarantee. A few days after the coulee nuozha suddenly appeared, a hot search was "Golden Eagle goddess designated nuozha", so called black things will take turns to talk nuozha, fans pinch pinched, finally did not know It is sheer fiction. indirect response. The results of yesterday and Tang Yan airborne hot search list, Tang Yan studio official micro-blog exposure Tang Yan trip in the Golden Eagle Festival, the suspect confirmed this news. The story of the ever-changing so that there is also a series of snacks tired…… The answer will be announced tonight! Will you be the goddess? You can not miss the golden eagle, the goddess "shocking" dress, very classic! However, before the Golden Eagle TV Festival has had five Golden Eagle Goddess: Liu Yifei, Li Xiaolu, Wang Luodan, Liu Shishi, Zhao Liying. Come and look back at the moment when they were "goddess": [2006   Liu Yifei] Liu Yifei OMG…… What! Wuli fairy sister how to suddenly become a golden glass wrapped in sugar candy doll, was also makeup ruthless painting ten years older! Please put the pure, white fairy gave us. Other old can blame the trend of the year, but it is necessary for the year 19 year old little girl such a mature disc "aunt barried"? The gaudy kitsch makeup, can look to the fairy sister all Reiki body had perfect cover, but also a technology. In 2008 Li Xiaolu Li Xiaolu played two years after the turn of the "struggle" in the "Yang Xiaoyun" Li Xiaolu as the golden goddess". Compared with two years ago, this shape is still "gold" to suffocation, is still a "kelp skirt + Gold Glove" luxury package, how two years after the fashion trend or two (black face)? Coupled with Lee on his head on the path of Yiwu small commodity market version of the color gem headgear, with false eyelashes.相关的主题文章: