Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended first in the league and Eastern buoyant

Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended: first in the league and the eastern buoyant NBA new season begins, small aunt continued last season, will push the 1 main field to you every day, regardless of the odds, fundamentals or injuries and so on, small aunt will have extremely detailed information, hope to be good help to you! The VS clippers recommended: the Clippers let 15.5 negative Brand Perspective of the game the Clippers lead a lot, after all, strength and in the home court, and slow season win probability is very much, this is the advantage of the clippers. But most of the time without small aunt felt just look at the surface, recently black, I also have a lot of experience and lessons. I hope the following reasons can convince you, of course, you can also do not believe me, after all, I’m really black this time, you just do a good reference, come on friends. The ill fated Jeremy Lin’s injury this season, really let them be taken by surprise, and a few days ago, Whitehead has not been determined whether the concussion stage, other personnel are quite good. Of course, the strength is difficult to itself and luxury clippers comparison, but they are always in the season Quebingshaoqiang case to the end, which is why the king places will win 1 nets. The 9 match 7 win, 2 field bets lost or against Nicks and the bull! 7 handicap nets are: win win, win sun disc Minnesota disc, disc, piston disc win win Hornets, win, win the Pacers beat the Bucks, the Celtics win disc disc. He did win 4 games, 4 away games although lost 3 game but won 3 handicap, this is the reason that they have small aunt. Today I read an article written specially for the nets, no matter which facing the opponent, regardless of race is leading or lagging behind, the degree of the nets so that they are tough as a "weak", now the nets League second teams in the league’s sixth best rebounder is very well. The nets Lopez, Trevor Booker, Scola and Hollis – Jefferson, Whitehead, Hamilton, Kilpatrick and Justin Bennet and others have given their performance, once in the league is not recognized, but the team this season, they played the offensive and defensive, more important is the strong tenacity, is the absolute opponent and recognition. In fact, earlier in the season I eat a lot of losses in the nets on the scene of the union boss, I chased them can pass! The Clippers say more than a little sense, their 9 wins and 1 losses record highest in the league, the first and the 9 firmly seated, victory has 8 win, not often strong. But most of the season is to let the sun 12.5 points, although played, but also a little dangerous. This field allows to the nets 15.5 points, which have been in the league this season that is high. The clippers and strong on the bench level was awesome, the second team can give great help, so it needs your attention. There is a very interesting data, the 2 to nearly 10 times during the Clippers home court won 5 times, but the 10 clippers only 1 win handicap, this strange not strange, small aunt do not believe. In fact, the worse this season than last season, although it)相关的主题文章: