SKYWORTH group announced the international roadmap CEO said after four years into the billion Legion acbel

SKYWORTH group announced the international roadmap CEO said four years after entering the local time of the Legion of billions in September 2nd, the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA2016) held in Berlin, Germany in 2016. SKYWORTH group together last year by its acquisition of Germany’s seventy years of local high-end TV brand Metz (Gomez) joint exhibition. During the exhibition, Metz was acquired after a year of operating conditions, as well as SKYWORTH internationalization path of concern. SKYWORTH Group CEO Yang Dongwen Gomez and CEO Dr. Kotzbauer, according to the two questions answered questions from financial Tencent. Yang Dongwen said, since the old German television company Gomez acquired last year, SKYWORTH launched the "Skyworth+Metz" dual brand strategy in Europe, accelerate the pace of expansion, contrarian to achieve rapid growth. In the European region, only in the past year, SKYWORTH has entered a new French, Spanish, Italy and other eleven European countries, the market volume increased by more than ten times, sales of more than $one hundred million. In fact, in 2015 the form of black European exports are not optimistic. Gomez CEO Dr. Kotzbauer said, compared to the same period of other domestic appliance brands overseas performance, more is the running speed in the wind. I believe that with the deepening of market development, as well as the further promotion of OLED high-end products, SKYWORTH’s business in Europe will maintain the momentum of rapid growth. Yang Dongwen said that in the domestic market, SKYWORTH continues to maintain double color TV market share and the digital set-top box Market share. International development, SKYWORTH is striding forward: on the one hand, with the help of high-end brands in Europe and the United States, on the other hand, through agents quickly cut into the emerging countries. Gomez CEO Dr. Kotzbauer expressed his SKYWORTH all the way to grow the achievement certainly on the stage, and to SKYWORTH’s strategy of opening up the European market confidence. Dr. Kotzbauer from the industrial structure, product type, business model, the development of the basic situation of the SKYWORTH analysis. In the premise of sustainable and profitable growth, puts forward several strategic development mode, he is convinced that with the concerted efforts of both sides, the "Skyworth+METZ" dual brand strategy will achieve success in the European market. For the industry concerned about the technical route of the dispute, Yang Dongwen said, OLED and Smart Home technology represents the future of the industry, SKYWORTH will adhere to the route exploration. During the exhibition, Gomez OLED in Europe Plus X Award design award authority (the European Innovation Technology Award) won five awards, the quality of innovation. The award is a selection of 144 expert judges from a total of more than 1 thousand works in the 32 countries. For the future and internationalization of SKYWORTH group, Yang Dongwen said, the future of SKYWORTH group will be based on the development of color TV industry, strengthen air ice wash diversification, smart home products, and strive to achieve in 2020 income of 100 billion yuan, to become the world’s leading enterprises. (Ding Lei) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: