Shenzhen Customs said the entry of iphone7 to pay 15% tax to the customs magicq

Shenzhen Customs said articles iPhone7 entry to customs tax 15% Shenzhen Customs recently said that in view of the port of Shenzhen will be in the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period ushered in the peak passenger transit passengers, need to clear some goods must declare taxes in order to cross the border. Among them, passengers with the latest release of iPhone7 entry to the customs declaration. At the same time, it is worth noting that the meat moon cake, yolk moon cake can not carry. IPhone7 was adopted in September 9th, 16 officially on sale, many passengers will take advantage of the holiday to go to Hongkong to buy. In fact, including iPhone, all mobile phones, tablets, computers and other common electronic products, are taxable goods. Passengers carrying entry, the first declaration to the customs, and at least 15% of the tax rate for the formalities. It should be noted that the purchase of passengers to carry these items should be in the "personal use, reasonable quantity", generally no more than 1 (Taiwan). Not to take the initiative to declare the passengers, and passengers carrying excess slightly, the customs will depend on the circumstances in accordance with law, does not release back tax disposal. For the super with more visitors, even with camouflage, hiding etc., regardless of whether or not to make the difference with the fees or seek illegal interests for the purpose of trying to evade Customs supervision behavior, may have been suspected of smuggling, the customs will be severely punished according to law, and administrative and even criminal investigation. At the same time, in addition to iPhone7, the customs to carry passengers mooncake is in accordance with the principle of reasonable quantities for personal use clearance, but according to the relevant provisions of the state inspection and quarantine, containing meat, eggs and other ingredients of the cake, can not carry mail entry, because it contains egg yolk, meat stuffing cakes, there is a risk of carrying the avian flu, foot-and-mouth disease and other quarantine diseases spread. That is to say, the meat moon cake, yolk moon cake can not carry. At the same time, other (raw or cooked) meat (including viscera) and aquatic products, animal products, bird’s nest, fresh fruits and vegetables are also prohibited from entering. In addition, the common entry resident travelers abroad acquired personal use goods, the total value of less than 5000 yuan (including 5000 yuan); the ordinary non residents to carry passengers to entry articles for personal use in China territory, the total value of less than 2000 yuan (including 2000 yuan), the customs duty shall be released (except for the 20 for taxable goods and commodities), alcohol and other restrictions reasonable limits the number of single species occupied. Carry RMB cash into the country, each time limit is 20000 yuan. Carrying foreign currency cash entry more than the equivalent of $5000 and above shall declare to the customs in writing. It is worth noting that the entry goods import tax rate in April 8th has been adjusted, third gear. Newspapers, magazines, educational video materials, computers, video camcorders, digital cameras and other information technology products, food and beverage, gold and silver, furniture, toys, games, festivals or other entertainment activities such as the tax rate is 15%; sports goods (excluding Golf and ball), fishing supplies, textiles and manufactured goods, television cameras and other electrical appliances, bicycles, items 1 and 3 are not included in other commodities at a rate of 30%;.相关的主题文章: