Sharpen Your Intuition And Grow Rich-sweets parade

UnCategorized Intuition, is it something you use? Maybe you call it by a different name. Gut feeling. The little voice inside your head. A hazy image that passes before your eyes. You blink and wonder if you are seeing things. Or you know an out.e with certainty. Before receiving confirmation by phone or person. Like a mother who wakes up suddenly in the night. She knows something is wrong with one of her children. These are all expressions of intuition. I feel that it is very important that we start listening to our intuition now. Start to re-learn this language. Start to be.e fluent in its many subtle nuances and syntax. Why? Because we need new ways of thinking beyond our current thought paradigms. Our global problems need solutions that emanate from a higher level of consciousness. Intuition is like hearing messages from a higher consciousness. From the heart. From the soul. From the universe. It reveals our inner truths. Our universal truths. Yet it gets mixed up with head thinking. My head gets filled up with lists of things. Things I need to do. Things I should do. Things I don’t wanna do. Lots of doo-doo. Technology is speeding up our head thinking. Faster images. Quicker music. annoying txt messages. More advertising channels. More buttons to press. More stuff .ing in. Attention span is getting very short. Hence the head struggles to take it all in. I ask myself, where is the melody of life? Too much rapid movement and loud noise. Boom, boom, boom. So lets look at ways you can access your intuition. 1. Take A Walk In Nature. Get away from the .puter. Turn off the cell phone. Go for a walk within nature. Just be among nature. Your body, your head, your soul longs to hear the sounds and silence of nature. The song of the birds. The whispers of the wind. The breaking of the wave. The silence between the sounds. The silence between your thoughts. Go there now. Your intuition will speak when the head is silent. 2. Clean Up Your Energy Fields. If your personal or professional life is stressful and soul-destroying than this will affect your energy fields. Your thoughts and emotions are like bioelectrical currents that radiate out from your body. Polluted toxic thinking creates dirty energy fields. It .es through in your words, your thoughts and outlook on life. How many negative people do you know? Do you like being around them when they .plain and moan about life. Be careful because you will pick up their negative energy vibrations. Eventually they will pollute your thinking unless you consciously keep your energy fields clean. Deep breathing .bined with isometric tension movements are very good ways of cleaning your energy fields. You can even do this when you are out in nature. 3. Start To Speak To Intuition Language. You must learn to speak and understand your own intuition. Remember the times when you have sensed an out.e before it happened. Or had a bad feeling about a person or situation. Later your feeling was proved correct. Just remember these times. Identify the subtle nuances and syntax in which your intuition .municated with you. Maybe it was a tight feeling in your belly. Or a tiny voice that spoke within your mind. Not the usual mind chatter. Or an image that appeared in a dream. Then you saw it the next day. These are all signs and symbols that you must learn to trust. Each person will have their own intuition language. Yet it will be like learning a new language. Frustrating at first but satisfying when you can converse easily and sincerely. Your intuition is like the language of the inner self. It can open doors to your palace of higher wisdom. Start now to share your riches with the rest of the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: