Shanxi remediation truck overloading and other acts of road freight vehicles will be detected mentalist

Shanxi remediation truck overloading behavior such as road freight vehicles will detect the Shanxi daily news (reporter Leng Xue) since September 21st, the country will also carry out remediation trucks illegal modification, illegal overloading of vehicles and vehicle illegal transportation behavior of the special action, the province will also simultaneously launched a one-year special rectification action. The main contents of this special action including the total weight of goods vehicles governance truck limit value behavior, illegal modification of freight car transport behavior, illegal transport behavior. At the same time, will crack down on the truck through a card, refused to check, right lane, blocking damage related facilities and equipment, and other illegal acts of violence against the law. According to the requirements of national unity, the province since September 21, 2016, on the road freight vehicle, will be in strict accordance with the national standard "mandatory vehicles, trailers and train the external dimensions, axle load and limit value" (GB1589) the provisions of the maximum allowable total quality limit to the total weight of goods is found the car car overload. In September 21st 10, the province of all road freight vehicles will be tested according to the national new standard, the source management unit, highway overrun detection station (point), the traffic police on duty to check service stations will strictly enforce the new standards, carry out inspection and enforcement. For the vehicle transport vehicle does not conform to the national standards of the "double car" will not be allowed to enter the highway, refused to listen to the quanfan, punishment and forced unloading. In this special action, the province will establish a sound mechanism for joint law enforcement reform. At all levels of government under the leadership of highway management agencies and the public security traffic management department will establish a joint law enforcement cooperation mechanism, with more than three axes truck as the focal point, relying on the highway overrun detection station (including freeway entrance ramp overload detection point) and with weighing detection conditions of traffic police security service station, to carry out joint enforcement. In accordance with the requirements of national unity, this special action will strictly enforce the "super four penalty system. Highway management agencies, public security traffic management departments to punish illegal overloading behavior after the truck, to the seat of the registration information to the road transport management institution, the implementation of punishment by the road transport management institution in accordance with the law of the freight vehicles and freight vehicles within 1 years more than 3 times the illegal transportation of freight vehicles, driving for 1 years illegal overloading transportation over the unit 10% of the total number of vehicles freight transportation enterprise, and in accordance with the provisions of the "road transport regulations", the implementation of penalties for freight operator places.相关的主题文章: