Shanghai fried time-honored tradition technology and innovation (video) soojin

Shanghai fried: the time-honored tradition process innovation founded in 1932 dahuchun, one of Shanghai’s time-honored shengjian. In the modern that "thin soup fried" at the same time, the traditional process of large pot of fried Chunsheng remains in a semi fermented face thick skin less brittle soup bottom. A week ago, dahuchun boarded the "2017 Shanghai Michelin guide" recommended list, all of a sudden surge in the store turnover 3-4. The stuffing recipe only one master before liberation, dahuchun and rose tied Shanghai fried spring two, creating two brand also has a history. Luo Chun Ge shop early is dahuchun founder Tang Miaoquan’s uncle. Dahuchun was originally a teahouse, later to make people filling the stomach and introduced the fried, Tang Miaoquan and Luo Chun Ge decided to make different style fried, only later to the "no soup" famous big pot of fried spring. "We are not completely without soup." Ma Jun, director of the Shanghai big pot fry Development Co., Chunsheng office introduction, "just pan fried, bite will have spilled soup, the soup is not a lot, put on for a while may be absorbed some dough." Unlike some thin fried, fried dough dahuchun thick loose, the surface is a semi fermented flour between the fermentation surface between Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings type and Steamed Buns type not fermented, easily absorbed soup, also have higher requirements on the production process in time control, meat stuffing is pure skin directly into the meat after the package of raw fried grain. Today, the big pot spring is also faced with the problem of old artists replacement. "Now we are the oldest of the two masters, a man and a woman, into the shop at the age of 17, has been done for more than 40 years, almost retired." According to reports, the most powerful two bit "old master" is to control the baking, with rich experience, different weather, humidity, baking ratio is different, for example, the ratio of winter and summer is not the same, even next month and the ratio of this month is different. However, even in decades old, do not know the core dahuchun stuffing recipe. This recipe only in the hands of a special master hand, all filling ratio completed by himself, when he retired, then the secret recipe to a specified person. The service level is not high bottleneck not long ago, the media to Shanghai is a time-honored hit "evaluation of zero restaurant", causing the public to pay attention to time-honored service level. A lot of old brands to taste to win, but in the service on the relative negligence." One commenter said delicacy. Ma Jun also agree with this argument, put aside the product itself, many old brands face the same problem, that is, the service level is not high. Mainly divided into two kinds: first, some employees of state-owned enterprises is developed, that "more or less a kind, lack of service consciousness, especially some" old ", are sometimes only helpless from its service jobs; another situation is caused by the recruitment difficulties. Many time-honored operating pressure is very heavy, can not give employees paid out, the average age of 40 years old, now with the salary level of development, in the bag case, a monthly salary of 3000-4000 yuan is also very difficult to attract young people." Under various restrictions, the old name to upgrade the service level has become a difficult task相关的主题文章: