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SEF: Cai Yingwen statement on the 92 consensus is the greatest good Sohu as the new military channel map SEF deputy secretary general and spokesman Loretta Lee. China ARATS President Chen Deming in September 18th to accept the "Singapore" Singapore United Morning Post interview expressed the hope that Cai Yingwen can make it clear that the "92 consensus" or "the two sides belong to one China", but he admitted that "real people can not be blindly optimistic, though hope the ARATS and the SEF to normal work, but the reality that I it is difficult to achieve this desire". According to the BBC Chinese network reported on September 21st, the ARATS chairman Chen Deming’s speech, Taiwan SEF spokesman Loretta Lee in an interview with the BBC response, "the two sides have mutual goodwill"; she said that the SEF consistently authorized by the government, the new government only in 1992 the history of both sides to talk, the other according to the "constitution of the Republic of China" and "cross-strait regulations" to implement, this is the Cai Yingwen Administration expressed the utmost good faith. Cai Yingwen’s position is "accept" the greatest good Singapore United Morning Post visit Chen Deming, visiting Singapore, said Taiwan since Cai Yingwen took office, has been on the "92 consensus" is no longer clear, and that this attitude, so that both sides of the exchange is very difficult. Chen Deming borrowed the Chinese idiom, "holding the pipa in half," to describe the attitude of the Cai Yingwen administration, "he said." We should make it clear that we should not be allowed to guess". Taiwan SEF spokesman Loretta Lee in accept BBC Chinese network reporter said, "we can understand the problem of President Chen Deming, but both parties should be mutual goodwill, hope that the party can see after the new government took office, we have the best efforts". Loretta Lee also said, "for example, the MAC also mentioned, we respect the history of the two sides have mutual on 1992 when the other according to the" constitution of the Republic of China "and the" cross-strait related regulations "to perform, this is the new government to show the utmost good faith". For the situation, the government took office after Loretta Lee Cai’s thought, "we are always authorized by the government, for the people on both sides of consultation and communication with service negotiation, both sides need mutual goodwill, but continue to communicate with the service". The club said the "status quo" does not comment on Chen Deming that, after Cai Yingwen took office to "maintain the status quo," he asked "what is the situation? Do you want to make it clear to the people on both sides of the Strait?" He believes that the status quo is cross-strait exchanges in the 92 consensus, but Chen Deming believes that the Taiwan authorities did not intend to continue, then I can not do it". Chen Deming shouted, "on both sides of NPC and CPPCC in two institutions is the interaction of a country, or a bilateral mechanism of international exchanges, if it is the latter, Chinese, cannot agree, NPC and CPPCC cannot resume talks". Loretta Lee responded, "the two sides NPC and CPPCC has been in communication, I have no comment on Chen Deming’s speech, the so-called" status quo "should be some political basis with the status quo of peace and stability in the past, I think we thought alike, to the interests of the people first, then both of which show good.相关的主题文章: