Russian scientists 1.5 km external laser charging for mobile phone plans to do similar experiments i

Russian scientists 1.5 km external laser for mobile phone charging: plan to do similar experiments reported in the Russian satellite network space, Russia’s "energy" rocket Aerospace Corp made a special experiment: to charge a mobile phone with a laser. Representatives of the company to the Russian news agency, said: in 1.5 kilometers outside the successful charging for one hour. Experts are currently accounting for the exact percentage of charge." The experiment was conducted in two buildings. An energy company, located on the outskirts of Moscow, Korolev, the six floor of the building is equipped with a laser transmitter. Another building with a distance of 1.5 kilometers, the roof installed on board, have access to regular mobile phone charging port, it will draw a special instrument of laser energy into electrical energy. The plate is only 10 cm in size, precise targeting. "Energy company representatives explained that in about two or three months, experts prepare distance of small unmanned aerial vehicle charging, and then plan to do such experiments in space, namely the use of laser from the international space station is 1-2 km apart the Progress cargo ship charging.相关的主题文章: