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Software 2013: A year that market wise is a reminiscence of the spiralling down economy of 2008 thankfully promises a lot of mileage as .pared to the latter. With Global HR picking up pace day by day, rest assured HR Trends of 2013 will be nothing short of good news galore. With last year"s trends highlighting crucial and novel elements such as importance of social media networking, data analytics via Cloud .puting and laying the prime importance on driving growth, this year the focus seems to be profound on relationships going hand in hand with good data management. Therefore the Global HRM landscape is now shaping up in a way that provides better human and data interface. The following are the trends that are to follow this year: * Rise of HR Business Partner : This idea is a take-off from previous year"s trend of growth. At such a point in time CEOs expect HR leads to partner with them to develop and execute better strategies that would boost the growth of the business. Recent researches have shown that 1400 HR professionals from all over the world have experienced that HR roles are still siloed and segregated which reduces the efficiency of the Global HRM system. But the most .mon defence that the HR makes is that they are categorised according to expert based silos. Going forward in 2013, organizations will need an approachable, dependable and organized Global HRM function that is well integrated, not just as a profession but also indoctrinated in the system of the organization. * Enhanced Employee Engagement : Employee engagement is still a huge challenge when it .es to the laps of the HR. Even the biggest of firms fail to provide good employee engagement solutions to their employee hence leaving them unsatisfied. According to recent surveys the employee engagement levels have gone up by a significant percentage. But unfortunately .panies are not focusing on what the employees want. They often involve in employee engagement schemes but aren"t sensitive to the situation of the employee and his needs. Therefore it is very important to have a clear idea of what the employee wishes to have and working according to their choice. Also creation of an energised workforce is extremely important. We are one- the Hrs: Today HR is operating on a global scale and there is a lot that needs to be taken care of, managing the Global Human resource management is an enormous responsibility. Today"s business world is all about Globalization and fierce market .petition. There is an increase in global mobility. This mobility is leading to greater volatility and greater interconnectedness. This is where the role of the Global HRM .es into play. Experts are now saying that international .panies will need to adapt their Global Human resource for local markets thus by developing better Global HR Solutions. Success of a good Global HRM team depends on how well they inculcate both the local and global elements. Allowing greater freedom of decision making will also boost the success. The best global .panies are those which operate in a matrix format, where authority and information flow in all direction rather than just top-down. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: