Rebound will continue to expand the space is not the end of the rebound 3140 points yvette yates

The rebound will continue to expand the space of 3140 points is not the end point rebound contest: Irving King Irving peek catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the national securities Huang Bo, editor Yang Xiaokun this week stock index successfully stand on the 3100 points, but at the close of August high point of 3140 points, once again return narrow consolidation pattern, surface strength was significantly weakened, the differences straddle the market increase. We believe that the continuous rose, the market has accumulated profit and loosened plate some important points in the index, volatility can hardly be avoided, as long as the volume continued to shrink significantly and do not maintain good money effect, limited market adjustment. In the medium term, to stabilize macroeconomic fundamentals, the policy side continued warmer, the incremental capital market is expected to increase under the background of rising turbulence is the main tone of the market. Once the market volume stand firm 3140 points, the current round of rising space will exceed market expectations. First, the macroeconomic data is expected to improve the fundamentals of the economy to provide the basis for the rebound. The September financial data continue to rise, the enterprise long-term loans for the fourth year high, indicates that the enterprise financing did not worsen the situation, business confidence is still in recovery; and in September three quarter economic data index reflects China’s economy growing trend, GDP has maintained a level of 6.7% PPI, an increase of 0.1%, this is the first time since March 2012 from negative to positive; 31 big city unemployment rate below 5% for the first time since 2013 June, L – shaped economic stabilization at the bottom from the listed company; three quarterly perspective, there are more than 1472 companies have disclosed three quarterly notice, in which results of pre hi number reached 984, accounting for 66.85%, especially iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other traditional cyclical industry profitability improved significantly. Secondly, the policy continued warmer, long-term incremental capital market can be expected. Ministry of human resources and social security made it clear that the basic pension insurance fund has been issued an investment contract, will be officially launched during the year investment operations, which is the most clear pension fund market timetable. With the pension market on the time axis symmetrical closely Shenzhen Tong has also been imminent. We believe that the stock market continues to support the development of dividends continue to release, the market ahead of the driving force to promote the policy still exists. Finally, with the increase in money effect, market confidence continues to recover, the flow of funds will change. The two financial balance after rising steadily exceeded 900 billion mark, the highest since February this year, indicating that the market mentality of partial buyer; at the same time, the world’s second largest number of new fund A shares ten shareholders in September, QFII RQFII, the number of new accounts hit a new high this year, foreign capital still flows into A shares. At present, the market is only the lack of a continuous scale of funds into the market, once the overall market to make money effect continues to ferment, capital flows will change, more and more money will flow into the stock market. In summary, we believe that the A-share market is still in the medium-term rebound trend, before the Fed’s interest rate meeting in December, the market risk of systemic risk A. Technical level, the previous high 3140 to 3160 points interval is not only between 1849 and 5170 points相关的主题文章: