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Qianhai DreamWorks Park to meet Hongkong young entrepreneurs settled tide – Guangdong Channel – people.com.cn original title: Qianhai DreamWorks Park to meet Hongkong young entrepreneurs settled in 2016 of the "double tide" week and the second Shenzhen international passenger Week kicked off. In October 6th, the reporter learned from the former youth dream factory, the park once again ushered in a wave of Hongkong incubator and team settled peak. Up to now, DreamWorks has hatched 163 teams in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, among which 71 are from Hongkong. Dream factory incubation team, more than 60% have been seed wheel, angel wheel, A wheel and even C round of financing hundreds of thousands of yuan, the first billion yuan. Hongkong arts and Culture Youth Association is a professional organization for incubating film, video and creative teams in Hongkong. On the eve of the national day, the association has just signed a cooperation agreement to enter the DreamWorks in Qianhai, and many professional associations and institutions from Hongkong, to join the tide of entrepreneurship in Qianhai. Huang Wenjian, chairman of the association, said in an interview with reporters, the incubator will be committed to attract Hongkong film and television creative team to Qianhai incubation. The first batch brings 6 local teams in Hongkong, focusing on creative culture, animation, film and television production and other directions, will be in Qianhai after six months to one year incubation period, to be mature after moving to the mainland market. In Huang Wenjian’s view, the geographical and cultural similarities, so that Hongkong cultural and creative areas can be relatively easy to export good products and services to Shenzhen. The vast market of Shenzhen and mainland brings the rare development space for entrepreneurs in Hongkong. In addition, Shenzhen is also one of the most inclusive cities for multiculturalism. The policy is open-minded, paying attention to youth, valuing culture and valuing entrepreneurship. Therefore, we insist on landing in Qianhai, and believe that the two young people will complement each other." Huang Wenjian said. Huang Wenjian suggested that young people in Hongkong now, but don’t know much about Shenzhen and the mainland, I hope the relevant departments in addition to providing help in terms of hardware, but also in terms of information, market development and other support. A new batch of settled in Qianhai team, the Hongkong Tesla technology company currently heady. This home from the Hongkong science and technology park enterprise invented the "dog enlightenment computer", in large U.S. startups before the event by U.S. media praise. The touch-screen computer has the function of electronic food dispenser and camera, as well as built-in games for the puppy to amuse themselves and interact with the owner. "We are very concerned about the hardware environment in Shenzhen, ready to move the hardware development team to Qianhai, software development and sales stay in Hongkong, hoping to leverage both sides, put into production next year." Liu Wenxiang, partner of the company, said. (reporter Cao Song) (commissioning editor Li Shiyan and Zhang Haiyan)

前海梦工厂园区再迎香港创业青年入驻潮–广东频道–人民网 原标题:前海梦工厂园区再迎香港创业青年入驻潮   2016年全国“双创”活动周暨第二届深圳国际创客周即将拉开帷幕。10月6日,记者从前海深港青年梦工场了解到,园区近日再次迎来一波香港孵化器及团队入驻高峰。截至目前,梦工场已孵化深港创业团队163家,其中香港创业团队达到71家之多。梦工场所孵化团队中,60%以上已获得种子轮、天使轮、A轮甚至C轮融资几十万元至上亿元不等。   香港艺术文化青年会是香港孵化影视文创团队的专业机构。国庆前夕,协会刚刚签下了入驻前海梦工场的合作协议,和许多来自香港的专业社团、机构一样,投身前海创业大潮。   该协会主席黄文健在接受记者采访时表示,孵化器将致力于吸引香港影视文创团队来前海进行孵化。首批带来6个香港本土团队,集中在创意文化、动画、影视制作等方向,将在前海经过半年到一年的孵化期,待成熟后走向内地市场。   在黄文健看来,地缘和文化的相近,让香港文创领域能够相对容易地将好的产品和服务向深圳输出。深圳及内地市场的广阔,则带给香港创业者不可多得的发展空间。   “另外,深圳也是对多元文化最为包容的城市之一,政策开明,重视青年、重视文化、重视创业。所以我们坚持到前海来落地,相信两地青年在一起会互补互助。”黄文健说。   黄文健建议,香港年轻人有冲劲,但对深圳及内地并不了解,希望有关部门除了在硬件方面提供帮助外,也在资讯、市场培育等方面多给予支持。   新一批入驻前海的团队中,香港特斯拉科技公司目前风头正劲。这家来自香港科技园的企业发明了“狗狗启蒙电脑”,在日前的美国大型新创公司盛会上大受美媒好评。这款触屏电脑具备电子食物投放器及摄像头功能,还内置游戏,可供小狗自娱和与主人互动。   “我们非常看重深圳的硬件环境,准备把硬件开发团队搬到前海,软件开发和销售留在香港,希望能两边借力,明年投产。”该公司合伙人刘文翔说。(记者 曹崧) (责编:李士燕、张海燕)相关的主题文章: