Pragmatic choice test automatic enjoy Lifan Marvell

Pragmatic choice test Marvell Lifan automatic enjoy now domestic SUV market competition is fierce, the different price range of different new types of product competition, pricing within one hundred thousand SUV products have become the focus of the development direction of domestic brands in recent years, low cost, practical large space, with 7 SUV models in consumption in the more popular groups. In the 2016 Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog), Lifan has launched its new seven SUV models – Marvell, the price of 5.78-7.68 million yuan, of which two automatic models more competitive at the same level models, the test models for the automatic exclusive models, let us look at the specific performance of marvell. Test drive information drive time: September 2016 drive location: Chengdu Qingchengshan drive weather: rainy drive mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry): 50 km by Xin Xin fan fan picture: the official guide price: 5.78-7.68 million vehicles: Lifan automobile vehicle information: 2016 2.0L automatic two drive version of the engine: 1.5L grade blue sky naturally aspirated engine displacement (CC): 1500 maximum power (kW RPM): 805800 maximum torque (N· m RPM) 145 3500-4200 long high width (mm): 444017601730 (mm): 2720 wheelbase gearbox: 4 speed automatic gearbox suspension: Front: Mcpherson independent suspension with transverse stable rod praise: independent suspension type non guide rod: after the appearance of the atmosphere, rich configuration, automatic models optional censures: less dynamic 1.5L engine, power combination to be rich. Marvell is Lifan automobile’s compact 7 SUV products, with automatic and manual transmission five models can be selected. The whole system is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, including manual transmission models, is a five speed manual transmission, automatic transmission models, four speed automatic transmission. The maximum power is 109Ps, the driving mode is the rear drive. As a compact 7 SUV models, Marvell’s body size is 44401760 1730mm, wheelbase 2720mm. Compact body is brought in the domestic complex road conditions, both the SUV vision, in which the vehicle is not flexible, parking is relatively convenient.相关的主题文章: