Philippines civil war will end the government and the new people’s army announced a ceasefire – Sohu oboni

The end of the civil war in Philippines: the government and the "new people’s army" – Sohu announced a cease-fire news local time on August 26, 2016, Norway Oslo, Philippines government negotiator Jesus Dureza and chairman of the Philippines National Democratic Front Luis Jalandoni signed a ceasefire agreement indefinitely. The visual China map according to The Associated Press, Philippines armed left-wing "new people’s army" local time on August 26th with the government of Philippines issued a joint statement in Norway, capital of Oslo, announced that the two sides began a ceasefire indefinitely. This shows that one of the longest lasting civil wars in Asia after the Second World War – the civil war in Philippines is about to end. The statement confirmed the results of several previous negotiations and reached a consensus, and said that the two sides have agreed to discuss the release of the prisoners and the exemption of the matter. Both sides said they would complete all peace negotiations within 9-12 months. Jose, chairman of the Communist Party of Philippines and the main leader of the new people’s army, said: "the joint statement demonstrates the importance of the achievements we have made in the past," said Mr Maria, a former leader of the new people’s army." The Philippines government negotiator, President of the Philippines peace Advisor (Jesus Dureza) Du Renesas joint statement praised the "historic and unprecedented event", and the president of Philippines Duthel Te made for domestic peace efforts and expressed appreciation. It is understood that in the 60s of last century, the philippine armed forces established a new people’s army, trying to overthrow the government by force, the new people’s army and the conflict between the government forces have killed at least 30 thousand people were killed. Philippines military estimates, the "new people’s army" there are currently more than 4000 armed personnel, mostly on domestic economic inequality and the Philippine US alliance unhappy people, armed activities in 60 provinces in 80 provinces in the philippines. Although all previous attempts by the government of Philippines to reach a settlement with the Philippines, but failed for various reasons. In addition to "new people’s army", the territory of Philippines there is another rebel, that is entrenched in southern Philippines "Abu Sayyaf armed organization. Since its founding in 1990s, it has been involved in a series of attacks and kidnappings. Some of the factions in the organization are now loyal to the extremist group Islamic state. With the different of the "new people’s army" armed peace policy, President Duthel Te of Philippines has repeatedly asked the military and police to take military means to destroy the Absar Jef organization. In recent months, the peace process in many countries in the world has come to light. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the evening of August 24th, South American country of Columbia government and the country’s largest anti-government armed forces of the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as "brother Wu") reach a comprehensive peace agreement in Havana, the end of the armed conflict between the two sides for more than half a century. In addition, the end of this month, advocated by the Burma minister Aung San Suu Kyi personally "twenty-first Century Panglong conference" will be held in Burma, the conference will invite the government of Burma and Burma all ethnic armed representatives, to achieve lasting peace in Burma.相关的主题文章: