Per capita 30+, office buildings to see movies eat Western food – Sohu eat and drink drop dead diva

The per capita 30+, office building to watch a movie and eat Western-style food – Sohu this is a planned, organized and purposeful for white-collar office — heart attack?? – feeling hollowed out come to see more easily – – – so we badly word brother you eat a meal can be a way to blockbuster cinema two stores are opening in the office to eat as long as the per capita 30+ said so much, this is the truth of your Manhattan movie theme restaurant style tune – – smooth and clean atmosphere of a store opened in the Jinhu square, Oriental Manhattan 14. Dense lattice relaxation between heaven and earth. Small and warm, the evening can also sit at the window to see the big Jinhu night. Two stores in the South Lake Nanhu Lake are the 4 floor. Flat layer, open comfortable, for dozens of people’s party has no problem. Afternoon tea, customer interviews minutes nearest to solve. Rich inventory, want to see the film – as long as eat here, what do you want to watch movies at any time on demand. The first time to update the cinema blockbusters, niche film is very rich in resources, although the projector + curtain viewing device simple point, but the film stock is likely to make the difficult choice of patients to place explosive tangle. Come here to work at noon to eat a meal, watching a movie, relax but also for the afternoon playing chicken, think of all want to go to South Lake to work… Watching movies, eating Western-style food, per capita 30+ cannot be more cost-effective – the meals snacks snacks? Assorted cold dishes four grids, fried shrimp, grilled wings, squid, French fries, chicken and so on. According to their own preferences for arbitrary collocation. Bacon? Black pepper and mushroom pasta pepper flavor is very thick, slightly spicy pasta chewy and refreshing, eat up the first ever Bacon, the amount is enough, which together allow you to stop eating. Fried chicken? Especially in perilla! Yes! Grilled chicken with salted perilla after fried together! Love novelty taste buddy do not miss here? Osmanthus tea osmanthus tea, and another is different kind of sweet osmanthus taste like candy, very special. Durian durian cheese and cheese? The ratio of just the durian fragrant, also have cheese thick, not particularly sweet. In addition to the daily movie Western food, there are also activities party custom service! What the boss said the atmosphere layout be nothing difficult. (picture for the boss) Manhattan movie theme restaurant [] Nanhu National Road No. 82 – Jiahe Lake [Jinhu] 4 floor shop No. 52-1 Jinhu Road East Manhattan 14 [] 18577971168 13A10 phone (Chen Jie) {P.S. boss is a little meat, smiled and said to me with a student card can my sister a discount, excited, could not help but took out 06 years of student ID: fish…} the load diagram相关的主题文章: