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Pepper night – Live name – Sohu technology September 14th, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Jike, Wong Cho Lam, Chang Csun Yuk, Wu Mochou and a large number of coffee star and pepper live more than 300 high-quality star anchor gathered in the night 2016 shining star pepper awards". Site issued a "annual best male and female anchor pepper, pepper the best popular anchor" 9 heavy awards, and officially announced Fan Bingbing, Zhang Jike respectively as pepper live "chief experience officer and chief product officer". Figure: Pepper night ceremony, Zhou announced that Fan Bingbing will serve as the pepper? Live experience officer for nearly four hours of the awards ceremony, the stars live at the same time, both inside and outside the field warm interaction, also a record high number of online. This also marks: these have been stigmatized, is not considered into the "live + anchor" from the board in good taste, pepper night live is destined to become the industry a new milepost. The host stars pepper industry urged the live image as everyone knows, live is become after micro-blog, WeChat’s new social way of mobile Internet era and the best interactive way, way of expression. But some follow the show mode through the way out of the anchor broadcast platform to attract fans attention, resulting in a The atmosphere was foul. broadcast platform. Vulgar social label makes a lot of providing high-quality content anchor is ashamed to admit that they engaged in this industry. But investors believe that Zhou pepper live: live? Is the trend, do not disgrace the anchor. Pepper live is to boost the live broadcast as part of the mainstream culture. From the appearance of pepper night Star list is not difficult to see that the Chinese prickly ash has burgeoned in the sports circle live entertainment, the appeal. These coffee star interaction in the night scene and fans of line pepper. In Fan Bingbing’s live, 20 minutes, there are 6 million 480 thousand fans gathered to create a new record broadcast industry. At the same time, the night of the appearance of pepper, as well as the selection of more than 300 pepper quality screening star anchor, they accumulated a total of more than 30 million fans, the total amount of Chinese prickly ash reached $1 billion 100 million. In other words, the value of 300 anchors has reached RMB 110 million. They prove to the world with their own: through personal value and talent show, high-quality anchor can still achieve the accumulation of fans and commercial realization. The star and the anchor on the same stage, the star anchor award, this seemingly ordinary things, an event is broadcast industry. It marks: live from the lost "vulgar" label, began to be accepted mainstream culture, has become the "tall". At the same time, pepper night also set up a new anchor for the evaluation criteria. Those who rely on three, by making news anchor Bo eyeball, is doomed to failure the end of huanghua. Beauty effects leading industry stars for pepper live praise since it is the Internet new thing, cannot do without the use of natural science and technology. Pepper direct growth process, but also the process of continuous use of technology to enhance the user experience. For example, in order to make the anchor pepper live early in the morning, do not wash, no makeup can "no pressure" to open the day’s live life, launched a special facial features and face adorable effects. These ones here。相关的主题文章: