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People’s Republic of China and Lao People’s Democratic Republic joint communique (Quan Wen) – Politics – original title: People’s Republic of China and Lao People’s Democratic Republic joint communique (Quan Wen) Xinhua Vientiane on 9 September, People’s Republic of China and Lao People’s Democratic Republic issued a joint communique 9. The joint communique reads as follows: People’s Republic of China and Lao People’s Democratic Republic joint communique, the government of Lao People’s Democratic Republic Prime Minister thongloun sisoulith invited? People’s Republic of China, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council on September 8, 2016 to 9 on the official visit to laos. During the visit, Premier Li Keqiang met with Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Central Committee General Secretary and President boungnang Vorachith, held talks with Prime Minister thongloun, met with President Barney and congress. The two sides informed their respective domestic situation, in-depth exchanges of views on the further development of old and new relations and issues of common concern in the new era, reached important consensus. Two, the two sides reviewed and spoke highly of the development of bilateral relations over the past 55 years, the two countries agreed that in the guidance of government concern and joint efforts of both sides, bilateral fruitful pragmatic cooperation, maintain close cooperation in regional and international affairs, not only to the people of the two countries has brought tangible benefits, but also make a positive contribution to to promote regional and world peace, stability, development and prosperity. Three, the two sides agreed that the two countries are adhering to the socialist road, with common ideals and beliefs and goals. In the face of complex regional and international situation, the two sides will continue to adhere to the "long-term stability, good neighborliness and mutual trust and comprehensive cooperation" principle and the "good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners" spirit, further consolidate political mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation, deepen cultural exchanges, strengthen multilateral coordination, the relationship between the old to a new height. Four, the two sides agreed to strengthen high-level exchanges and strategic communication, through bilateral visits, annual meeting, multilateral occasions met flexible way, on bilateral relations and major issues of common concern and timely exchange of views. The two sides will deepen the exchange of experience in governance, continue to do a good job in the theory of the two parties to strengthen cooperation in the training of Party and government cadres, and promote exchanges and cooperation with counterparts. Five, the two sides decided to speed up the "China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, "13th Five-Year" planning "with Laos into land for people miss United States" strategy, "85" planning effective docking, develop and implement good "cooperation plan to jointly promote the construction of The Belt and Road", effectively promote the production and investment cooperation, play in the old the governments of the two countries economic and technical cooperation planning role. China is willing to assist the old side to develop special economic development plan, continue to achieve sustainable economic and social development in Laos to provide assistance within its capacity. The two sides will continue to actively promote the old railway project, agreed to speed up the preparatory work to achieve full construction during the year, while doing a solid job of security work to ensure the smooth progress of the project construction and operation. The two sides will cooperate closely with the construction of Mohan – boten economic cooperation zone and Vientiane match color tower comprehensive development zone. The two sides agreed to further closer trade and enhance the scale and level of trade. Strengthen cooperation with customs, quality inspection and other functional departments相关的主题文章: