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A development that is probably good for companies providing Payroll Outsourcing London, but less good for new job entrants is the greater tendency for UK workers to stay in the same job for longer, as revealed by a new study from the Resolution Foundation. The independent think tank has cautioned that this may not be so positive for employees’ prospects, due to the resultant "promotion blockage" that could permanently hamstring the income of an entire generation of young workers. It said that the last two decades has seen a steady increase in job stability, partly due to trends such as women more often resuming work for the same employer after childbirth and people staying in the workforce until an older age. Although the Chancellor George Osborne indicated his wish to address the issue of low pay with the confirmation of a new "national living wage" in his recent Budget, the Foundation’s report has shown concern over the potential of insufficient movement between jobs to hamper "prospects for promotion, pay rises and productivity gains". Earnings progression is typically much quicker for workers who switch jobs over the course of a year than for those who remain in the same role.

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