Oppo r9s the first sales visits the core of success is not just to catch up with the wave of replace shiyang

OPPO R9s the first sales visits: the core of success is not just to catch up with the OPPO R9s replacement wave first off site yesterday just under the rain in Beijing, today the weather is sunny, the air is fresh. Located in the South East of the OPPO store in Liujiayao today is very lively, purchase the line to the door, because this is the OPPO R9s online offline first day officially started selling the full channel. Success is not only because of catch up with the wave of replacement IDC yesterday released the latest statistics, the third quarter of this year, shipments of OPPO in China market reached 20 million 100 thousand units, for the first time to become the Chinese market champion, the growth rate reached a staggering 106%, followed by vivo, shipments of 19 million 200 thousand units, while HUAWEI, millet and apple respectively. In third, 4, 5. From the data, the third quarter of this year, the global smart phone shipments of 362 million 900 thousand units, an increase of 1%, is the fourth consecutive quarter sales dull, smart phone shipments rose slightly for the first time. OPPO mobile phone this year’s trend growth, recently has been a hot discussion in the industry. Lei Jun said in an interview before the OPPO this year’s successful core reason is to catch up with the 345 line of the city’s replacement tide and the asymmetry of information. In this regard, OPPO PR Liu Lei told Phoenix Technologies, replacement tide is on the one hand, but the other mobile phone manufacturers have good, not just OPPO alone. As for the "information asymmetry", Liu Lei maintains the OPPO always "do not tear forced the humble, he smiled and said not good response. In his view, everyone’s views are different, and there is no right or wrong. For the rapid rise of OPPO, some industry analysts believe that, in addition to the line of benefit distribution network channels, more important is to grasp the OPPO development of the market, can quickly adjust the product design according to the needs of users, the layout of the whole channel marketing activities, in order to win the favor of users. Good service, to promote the first-tier cities channel construction of OPPO R9s this month 19 days before and after the release, the machine is equipped with dual 16 million pixel camera, the rear SONY and OPPO custom development of IMX398 sensor, the main camera and fashion design, and it also has a good performance in the aspects of life. She Yonggang, head of the OPPO market in Beijing, said that before the opening of the first sale of R9s, Beijing area to pay the amount of appointment will almost reach 2 times the same period R9. According to him, came to the store to buy more than OPPO mobile phone for the pursuit of fashion young people, such people in the purchase of mobile phones when compared to take pictures, endurance and appearance of these three aspects of performance. In addition, according to the OPPO public relations director Liu Lei introduced, in addition to the three or four line of the city, OPPO in first-tier cities have also been doing a solid channel construction, has achieved full coverage, has a relatively perfect planning, the core business district he stressed that OPPO has always insisted on that the products and services do. He told the Phoenix, at this time the new first pin, OPPO expanded the day of service coverage, including hundreds of stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other key city. Just through online?相关的主题文章: