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Computers-and-Technology Microsoft used to dominate the software sector just a few years ago, but with the advent of open source software and operating systems it became possible for us to download free software and get a lot of work done without spending too much money. Thanks to the efforts of various open source software campaigners, today we have open source software for performing all the tasks that paid software can perform. You can get all sorts of operating systems from Linux, you can get design and developments tools, you can get software to build websites, and you can even get tools to build a software of your ownopen source development makes it possible for you to do incredible work free of cost! The following is a list of the ten best open source software ever: Mozilla Firefox: This free browser is used by one out of every four people using the internet. Businesspeople prefer Firefox to other browsers, and Mozilla Firefox played a major role in undermining the dominance of Microsofts Internet Explorer. Its innovative approach that allowed the users to customize their browser has made Firefox one of the best browsers in the market. Ubuntu: Ubuntu is the best example of the benefits of About the Author: 相关的主题文章: