Official Universal establishment of parent schools, urban communities reached 90%-candy boy

Official: generally the establishment of schools for parents of city community to reach 90% people’s Daily reported on November 15th, recently, the National Women’s Federation and the Ministry of education, the central civilization office, the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of culture, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of press and publication, China Association, Chinese Next Generation Working Committee jointly issued "on the five years the planning of family education guidance (2016 – 2020)", made in 2020, basically built to adapt to the development of urban and rural areas, to meet the needs of parents and children family education guidance service system. Plan put forward to establish and perfect family education public service network, relying on the urban community public service facilities, institutions, urban and rural community education in the children’s home, youth and children’s activity center activities such as position, established a general guidance service site school for parents or family education, city community reached 90%, rural community (Village) reached 80%. Efforts should be made to promote the family education guidance service as an important part of the work of urban and rural community service stations, and ensure that at least 2 family education guidance and 2 family education practice activities are organized every year. In primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, secondary vocational schools to establish parent schools, the city school rate of 90%, rural schools reached 80%. To ensure that each semester organize at least 1 times and 1 times of family education family education practice of parents of elementary and middle schools, kindergarten parents school each semester at least 1 family education guidance and 2 parent-child activities, medium occupation school each semester to organize at least 1 times the family education guidance services. Planning put forward to vigorously expand the family education new media service platform, by 2020, basically build coverage of urban and rural areas, traditional media and new media depth integration of family education information sharing service platform. The plan also proposed to speed up the family education legal system construction, promote the process of legislation, the national level of family education, research by the National Women’s Federation, the Ministry of education to cooperate with relevant departments to start a comprehensive family education law, the formation of the draft legislation, promote the introduction of local regulations of family education.

官方:将普遍建立家长学校 城市社区达到90%人民日报11月15日报道,近日,全国妇联与教育部、中央文明办、民政部、文化部、国家卫生和计划生育委员会、国家新闻出版广电总局、中国科协、中国关心下一代工作委员会共同印发《关于指导推进家庭教育的五年规划(2016—2020年)》,提出到2020年,基本建成适应城乡发展、满足家长和儿童需求的家庭教育指导服务体系。规划提出建立健全家庭教育公共服务网络,依托城乡社区公共服务设施、城乡社区教育机构、儿童之家、青少年宫、儿童活动中心等活动阵地,普遍建立家长学校或家庭教育指导服务站点,城市社区达到90%,农村社区(村)达到80%。着力推动将家庭教育指导服务作为城乡社区服务站工作的重要内容,确保每年至少组织2次家庭教育指导和2次家庭教育实践活动。在中小学、幼儿园、中等职业学校建立家长学校,城市学校建校率达到90%,农村学校达到80%。确保中小学家长学校每学期至少组织1次家庭教育指导和1次家庭教育实践活动,幼儿园家长学校每学期至少组织1次家庭教育指导和2次亲子实践活动,中等职业学校每学期至少组织1次家庭教育指导服务活动。规划提出大力拓展家庭教育新媒体服务平台,到2020年,基本搭建覆盖城乡、传统媒体与新媒体深度融合的家庭教育信息共享服务平台。规划还提出加快家庭教育法制化建设,推进家庭教育立法进程,全国层面,由全国妇联、教育部协同有关部门全面启动家庭教育法的研究工作,形成立法草案,推动出台家庭教育地方性法规。相关的主题文章: