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Occasionally see his handsome Xiao Nai Yang Yang yiyanbuge drive – Sohu   entertainment; in September 10th, Yang Yang’s birthday will be held at the Beijing workers stadium. [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news (since the evening of September 10th, Zhuang Xiuwen) Yang Yang "free young Yang Yang 2016 birthday at the Beijing workers stadium. This year is Yang Yang’s 25 birthday, he chose to spend with fans. On the night of Yang Yang’s circle of friends, Liu Yifei, Zhang Yibai, Su mang arrived for his birthday. At the birthday party, Xiao Nai Yang Yang yiyanbuge drove about filming, the most difficult is not kiss, is passion play hard. Asked whether occasionally see themselves very handsome, Yang Yang also narcissistic, gave a positive answer. Compared to love movies like action movies occasionally see their very handsome birthday party at the beginning, Yang Yang dressed in a black suit handsome debut, the audience cheers like waves. He recalls a most impressive birthday, when he had just entered "the wedding". During the period of military training to catch up with Yang Yang’s birthday, he thought that we do not know, but when he finished training at night, found a lot of comrades in arms with the usual reluctant to eat bread, bananas, apples and other food waiting for him. Now recall, but also very touched. In the interactive question and answer session with the host, Yang Yang talked to a lot of interesting things, such as love movies more like action movies (host God assists: why not love action movies?) The most difficult is not filming; kiss, is a passion play difficult (Xiao Nai Bryant drove yiyanbuge……) Compared to the outside, prefer to stay at home, the reason is lying (cover face, think of the rhythm of the……) Knowing about audience will think, Yang Yang added, "at home lying very comfortable; shopping more than love travel, love the water; basketball is more love than swimming, he said Sun Yang is her example eight pack. It exposes a child because the love of water, almost into the swimming team; more than love barbecue spicy crawfish, because eating barbecue easy to long acne, eat spicy crawfish spicy food you can eat Shabu Shabu (good honest ah); the way to release the pressure to Yang Yang, it is simmering. Because in Yang Yang, when things don’t disturb others, love, love is not to find someone else to chat; a memory is to cry, "III. ten peach" dubbing, the play mood is very large; as is sometimes see her face particularly handsome, Yang Yang took sweet smile three seconds later, say "yes, sometimes" (ha ha, Xiao Nai God occasionally still a very narcissistic thing); where is the most satisfied with their facial features, Yang Yang’s answer is all.   Liu Yifei appeared at Yang Yang’s birthday party in his own name Hao gas into the sky of stars in the birthday party, together with Yang Yang starred in the movie "ten peach" III. Liu Yifei surprise appearance, director Zhang Yibai also appeared on a blessing, make Yang Yang very touched. The night of the birthday party, Yang Yang for a total of three sets of birthday suit, including a black suit, a denim frock suit and black jacket suit. Whether it is formal or casual!相关的主题文章: