[network] Shuangseqiu 16118th CLS Kennedy cross walk method windjview

[network] Shuangseqiu 16118th CLS Kennedy Kennedy cross cross walk method: fixed to go urn matrix 8 abscissa number 14 – 21 for the X axis, 1 — 9 mantissa is 9 vertical coordinates of the Y axis, and Y axis (9) for 1 mantissa (black and white) hit the ball number, as the original point. After that, according to a certain law of Pyramid will be the rest of the number of one by one arrangement, the X, Y axis composed of 4 areas to complete the number of work. According to the unique step array array mode, analyzing and judging from the number of cold, hot and cold, mysterious area code, mantissa angles. 2016117 stages: stage 031014172833201611: first, the prize number   (by force analysis; regional center by a rotational force of the inverse) area: the area out of the 1 award number 03, optimistic about the role of trajectory 06 section II: the District opened 3 award number 101417, number 05091516 on the development path of action in this area: Area III out of 1 award number 28, number 2329 on the role of trajectory development IV area: the area out of the 1 award number 33, number 30 two optimistic about the reaction trajectory and gold code according to the analysis of the Kennedy Xuan watch award number 1417 in a line from the horizontal, at number 1516, adjacent number 18192021 award number 1017 in a watch apart from the vertical line, number three, number 0205242932, adjacent gold Kennedy cold code analysis can be seen from the graph, the black occupy advantage Although the potential, actively respond to the white side but there are still some areas are black for themselves, resulting in white temporarily at a disadvantage, the Y axis is 09 black as mantissa, hit the origin, ready for the attack on the 1 Award no.. According to the figure can be seen for 01 more independent, line number most vulnerable to attack, defense, Jin Yinghao four 10182331 key array analysis of the distribution of the number of mantissa award, this time the ball number of white black forces suffered a strong offensive, but still failed to completely change the original white line, but still make both sides the situation has changed significantly, so the recent strength may continue to fight against the black, black will also actively respond to the Y axis of the mantissa coordinates of the 010206 will be the focus of the defense object, so the mantissa 126 can be used as a priority among priorities in a ball. According to the figure of the operation number (18 balls), the selection number of 0204091012161718 2223252728293031 3233 (10 balls), 0204091014171823相关的主题文章: