Net trade will join hands with Foshan in Iran to set up cross-border electricity supplier in the Mid havd707

Net trade in Foshan in the Middle East will enter Iran set up cross-border electricity supplier stores – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, the day before, to create cross-border electronic business platform dragon network of Iran largest local Chinese product experience center — Iran nets trade Museum opened operations in the capital Tehran in September 25th. By then, Iran local retailers in the net trade below the line experience China manufactured goods, but also by the dragon network online mobile APP social tools (OSELL APP) business negotiate directly with suppliers China. The opening of the Iran nets trade museum is located next to the Tehran City three fast road, the geographical position is superior, built by Iran domestic media as "western Pearl" and "western landmarks". Iran net trade building a total of 8 floors, 5 floors on the ground, including Yingbin area, display function area, service area and other areas Goods are available in all varieties., using a total area of 5200 square meters, three floors underground, including warehouse, parking spaces, a total of 2400 square meters, in order to facilitate the delivery of Iran buyers, net trade museum also increased the ground nearly one hundred parking spaces. The operation of the Iran Museum opened in September 25th to the purchaser first will be the highlight with the Foshan municipal government for nearly a year long Chinese – Iran’s first "pan Home Furnishing" brand experience exhibition opening. The exhibition by Internet plus the Chinese manufacturing industry resources in Foshan advantages of Home Furnishing to Iran, through the establishment of China boutique in Iran Museum of common ways to open up the market in Iran. It is reported that the exhibition will continue until September 25, 2017. The first to join the Iran nets trade hall Chinese as many as 127 companies, including Midea, CHIGO, nature, letters and other famous brands. With the official launch of the Iran network trade Museum, more companies and brands will choose to settle here, it is shouldering more Chinese manufacturing industry to go global dream". It is understood that the launch ceremony, Foshan city is a comprehensive FTA signed a memorandum of cooperation with qishm. Foshan city will deepen friendly exchanges and kishm FTA in expanding trade, promote mutual investment, strengthen financial cooperation, strengthen cooperation in tourism market and tourism institutions. Therefore, the Trade Fair will be the first stop in Foshan and Iran trade. Part of the opening of the Tehran Iran "net trade hall" belongs to the dragon net cross-border trade O2O business model innovation "net trade". For the realization of B2B service platform for cross-border electricity supplier business, in the form of O2O a worldwide China boutique products experience Museum, net trade will put forward the development strategy of "100 City brilliance". Net trade through online APP mobile social tool (OSELL APP) and the line Chinese boutique Museum (net trade hall) linkage, using mobile O2O B2B mode to do cross-border trade, avoiding collision and efficient two demands to reconcile traditional trust trade, to solve the low price and foreign customers experience two the biggest pain point. The official said, net trade will create an online industry belt, with the help of the Internet so that foreign customers can experience the real estate industry in China, the quality of high quality and low price goods. .相关的主题文章: