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Net loan platform and make new regulations — each bank finance — August 25th, CBRC combined with the Ministry of public security, network office issued a letter of "borrowing information network intermediary business activity management Interim Measures" — this means that the industry is looking forward to and concern the net loan management approach "boots finally landed. Overall, the interim measures so that the investment side, the borrower side, business development logic and return to norms and rational, so that the industry as a whole is more benign and forward. Net loan as an important part of the Internet Financial format, rapid development in recent years. However, the concern is that most of the current net loan institutions from information intermediary services to small and micro positioning and relying on the nature of the Internet business, alienation as credit intermediary exists, self financing, illegal lending, set up the pool of funds, time resolution, a large number of offline marketing behavior. At the same time, the industry risk events occur. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the net loan institutions who will manage, who is responsible for how well. Throughout the interim measures, the biggest change is to define the amount of net loan should be small, and the amount of the borrower to do a strict limit. According to the regulations, a single individual, a single person in the upper limit of 200 thousand yuan loan on a platform is a single organization, legal person on a single platform borrowing limit is $1 million. Single natural person in multiple platforms borrowing limit is 1 million yuan; a single legal person in a number of platforms borrowing limit is $5 million. In the industry view, the limit of 5 million yuan, it is precisely the vast majority of banks and other financial institutions in the credit product line. This is different from the traditional financial institutions, but also encourage net loan platform to join the field of private investment, to make up for small and micro enterprise financing gap. Net loan as a useful complement to traditional financial and real economy, its positioning is to solve the traditional financial institutions can not be covered or not effectively meet the needs of investors and borrowers, and this kind of demand, most are not large. As the number of banks on the Small and micro businesses credit limit is 5 million yuan, from this point it is not difficult to see that the regulatory logic, large lending should be incorporated into the non private financial system banks, and the limit is set in order to encourage banks to net loan supplement. In addition, the positioning of Internet financial and traditional financial regulators are different, the purpose is to let its roots in the field of Inclusive Finance, rather than go to the bank and competition. If the Internet financial enterprises to expand scale, chasing the single large transaction, with no essential difference between the traditional financial channels, only through the Internet to financing, there is no practical significance for the Internet financial technology and enhance the ability of. In other words, if the net loan platform to do what banks do now, then, this new thing will have no meaning at all. So, from a certain extent, the "Interim Measures" of the introduction is to let the net loan companies and banks perform their duties. (Ze Yuan) (: Prince Yang Xi Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: