National Standards Commission to guide social resources to the quality of the brand advantage of Ent 3u8895

National Standards Committee: to guide social resources to the quality of brand agglomeration and national standard Beijing, Beijing, August 26, Committee Director Tian Shihong said, to co-ordinate the use of existing funding channels, encourage social capital to the market the way to set up consumer standards and enhance the quality of the special fund, infrastructure construction, standardization the key support of the consumer products industry to enhance the quality of quality, technology innovation and application promotion, the real guide social resources to gather quality brand. Today, the State Council held a regular briefing on the State Council, Tian Shihong, director of the National Standards Commission on the "consumer goods standards and quality improvement plan" and asked the relevant circumstances. The scene is mentioned in the media, in order to better play the main role of standardization and quality, enhance the ability of enterprise standardization, improve the quality of products and services, "planning" what encouragement measures? Tian said that the enterprise is the main body of standardization and quality, to enhance the standardization and quality of the main responsibility. In the process of "planning", the author studies how to guide and encourage enterprises to grasp the needs of the market, stimulate the endogenous power of enterprises to improve standards and quality, and design some specific incentives. Specifically, the following aspects: first, to speed up the cultivation of innovative enterprises. What is the standard innovative enterprise? Mainly through the standardization of activities, can be timely conversion or application of scientific and technological achievements, in a certain area of competitive advantage of the enterprise is the standard of innovative enterprises. These enterprises are able to develop advanced standards and the implementation of advanced standards to standard innovation to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to enhance the market. The standard identified a number of innovative enterprises, introduced a number of policy support, to create a good business environment, and promote the rapid development of the standard of innovative enterprises, to provide products and services to meet some needs of the consumer market. Two is to explore the establishment of a standard innovation financing credit system. "Planning" clearly, to explore the establishment of innovative financing standard credit system, this system is established and implemented to promote the "cooperative innovation model standard + finance, especially for some light assets and unsecured high-tech enterprises, including innovative science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, to help enterprises solve the financing difficult, expensive financing problems to a certain extent, the formation of a standard for interaction between the strong capacity of enterprises and financial institutions, or a combination of symbiotic environment. The three is to establish the enterprise standard leader system. On the one hand, it is necessary to promote the implementation of enterprise standards self disclosure and supervision system, and guide enterprises to implement the self disclosure of public standards seriously, but also help to improve the transparency of enterprise standardization information. On the other hand, also encourage social third party agencies to assess these open standards, normative formulated and promulgated the enterprise standard list, better guide consumers to choose more standard products to meet the market leader, awareness of some consumer goods information quality standards, but also to guide consumption better. Four is to strengthen the quality of personnel training. The special emphasis of the plan is the construction of the professional and technical personnel. Around the quality of personnel training and professional quality.相关的主题文章: