National Security 9 evening challenge on the port Zhang Chengdong comeback debut mentalist

On the evening of 9 National Security away on the port Zhang Chengdong comeback will debut – Beijing after an intermittent period of adjustment, Beijing Guoan will usher in the Hong Kong Shanghai away game, the two games of the Beijing Guoan plot 28 points ranked ninth, 10 points behind and Hong kong. However, prior to the home court with Hong Kong, national security or the hope to complete the season double play. – the return of Zhang Chengdong will be followed by an intermission, the best news is that the comeback of Zhang Chengdong. In June 25th, Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua’s Super League, Zhang Chengdong and Shenhua players hit together, Bai Jiajun’s body just crashed into Zhang Chengdong’s right hand. That game, although Zhang Chengdong insisted injured play, but after he was diagnosed with right metacarpal fracture, two month truce, he missed the first two games of the 12 finals. In fact, in this week’s national security training, Zhang Chengdong to participate in the practice has been heralded as the main comeback. "We can see in the game, and the right attack when he is not the same, his recovery will be of great help to our attack." Xie Feng said in an interview. Yesterday, Zhang Chengdong also attended the pre match press conference, my personal ability is not particularly prominent, is a player playing the whole football, I will bring more vitality to the team. Now is not the lack of security tactics, is bloody, we should on the road playing harder." Zhang Chengdong believes that the intermittent period is fully prepared, which laid a foundation for the September race, "in the League intermittent period, in addition to join the national team teammates, for everything in good order and well arranged training and preparing for the team in that under the leadership of xie. In September we have two games, intensive schedule, coaching physical to us made specific arrangements. We will do our best to complete the task in September". The national security defence kept hidden while Zhang Chengdong has returned, but the team still can not guarantee the full lineup, Zhao Hejing, Pu Cheng and Zhang Xinxin will be suspended for the absence (including suspension). This also means that the national defense will suffer a severe test, and the attack on the port of Shanghai is exactly the best in the whole super, so this game is the most important defense. Hong Kong in the super is a strong team, the club invested in recent years, there is a very good offensive players, the current number of goals ranked League first. We have to defend the game first. Now the score did not reach the relegation scores, so each of us are very important, to play the game." Xie Feng stressed before the game. The history of the super confrontation on the national security port 1 wins and 2 draws and 4 losses, on the home of the National Security Council on the home of 1 wins and 1 draws and 1 losses. The first round of the season contest, national security home 2 to 1 victory over Hong kong. Although the team’s offensive problems, but the club Poster Released also on behalf of the team’s determination, this is a poster with "DOUBLE (double)" as the theme, background character is scored in the first round match in May 14th in Ralph, the club and the fans were waiting with the team to complete the Shanghai Hong Kong’s season double play. Race to usher in a tight schedule 9 South相关的主题文章: