National Commission for the formal approval of low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions

National Commission formally approved the low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions in October 28th, the National Standards Commission issued the third batch of national standard system revision plan notice in 2016, the group plans to develop, revise a total of 191 standards. Among them, the industry has been concerned about and look forward to the four round of low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions were listed. The circular pointed out that the four round of low-speed electric vehicle technology conditions for the project cycle of 24 months, the competent unit for the Ministry of industry and information technology, drafting unit for China Automotive Technology Research Center, Shanghai motor vehicle inspection center. [original] policy refers to the low-speed electric car travelling speed is low, continued this kind of car mileage, safety and technical performance is still not up to the standard of electric vehicles. Low speed electric vehicles, low cost, low cost, in recent years, rapid growth in some areas, the scale continues to expand. On the one hand, low-speed electric vehicles to meet some specific travel needs, on the other hand, production enterprises unauthorized production, products generally low safety performance and poor quality, the driver and the vehicle mostly undocumented, the disorderly development will bring serious challenges to the road traffic safety. In 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport to the State Council submitted the "request" on issues related to the administration of low-speed electric vehicles, proposed the principle of "upgrading a number, a number of specifications, out of a group, the leadership of the State Council has agreed to. In April this year, the Ministry of science and technology, the four round of low speed electric passenger car technical conditions to be publicized when the national standard, the ministry began to coordinate the views of the four ministries. Finally at the end of October this year, the ministries formed a consensus, the official project of the four round of low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions. In spite of the low-speed electric car has not been officially approved before the legal status, but the new energy vehicles by subsidies, low-speed electric vehicles still achieved good results in the market under the condition of no subsidies, 2015 sales reached 700 thousand vehicles. In promoting the development of low-speed electric vehicles, Shandong, Henan province is actively promoting the province of low-speed electric vehicles. Shandong province gave birth to more than a dozen Redding, Yu Jie, Tang Jun, Fu Road, Baoya into low-speed electric car enterprise scale. According to the Shandong Automobile Industry Association statistics, in August this year, Shandong low-speed electric vehicle production reached 42964 units, Shandong low speed electric vehicles this year 1-8 month cumulative output of 330 thousand. In July 27th, Shandong Province issued the "emergency circular" on a comprehensive survey of the province’s low-speed electric car production enterprises, the manufacturing enterprises in Shandong Province, regardless of size, regardless of the main body of investment, to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation. Then in August 4th, the Shandong commission by letter of the organization held a low-speed electric car production enterprise forum, the Shandong provincial government leadership with the relevant responsible person of the enterprise to discuss the proposed introduction of low-speed electric vehicle management standard in the provincial government level. Henan is also one of the provinces of the early lifting of the low-speed electric vehicles. In September 9th, Henan Province opened ten low-speed electric car demonstration area, including Luoyang, Xinxiang, Kaifeng, Jiaozuo, Xuchang, Shangqiu, Xinyang, Puyang, Zhumadian, Jiyuan 10 provincial cities, according to the agreement, in accordance with the standards of the low-speed electric vehicles in these 10 cities within the region to achieve mutual recognition, mutual recognition of products, market accessibility pin.相关的主题文章: