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Business Introduction Mozalami is an online SEO consultation blog started by freelancer Mohammed Alami in 2013 after his extensive background for some of Quebec’s local SEO .panies such as Mediative [branch of Yellow Pages] and CGI [IT group]. They offer SEO consultation services in both on-page and off-site sources such as Social Media and e-.merce businesses. Etymology Mozalami is an introduced word from the contraction of two other words particularly Alami [from Mohammed’s real name] and MOZ for Marketing Optimization. Background and History Born on 10 November 1965 in Morocco, Mohammed Alami – the man behind Mozalami immigrated to France so he can continue his studies at the age of 17. In 2009, he reached the decision to immigrate to Canada to .plete his Masters Degree in E-.merce at the University of Montreal. He is an engineer by training with over 20 years of experience in production, trade and other related services. As a passion-driven business-oriented individual he decided to go for a change of career to Marketing in as early as 1992 where he started his own IT Solutions Provider .pany called LOGITEL. As a multi-lingual who can speak fluent French, Moroccan and English, Alami has be.e an excellent .municator. Mohammed has once participated in the product launch of Mediative Places and repositioning of CGI in search engines. He has already created several educational presentations in his alma mater University of Montreal about SEO and Web 3.0 all .piled on YouTube and SlideShare. He recently received a certification as local SEO trainer by a local Accreditation .pany in Quebec in 2014. His experience has allowed him several managerial positions as SEO in Montreal area working before finally advocating a freelancer lifestyle in 2013 so he can start his own business anew. Primer on Mozalami’s Services Mozalami focuses on three primary services at the moment including SEO consultation, E-marketing and E-.merce solutions. Mozalami always believes that SEO presents a very interesting price-quality relationship .pared to other marketing strategies which makes it more affordable but at the same time more effective for long-term results that shows in major SERPs such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Mozalami SEO approach lies on organic and paid search alongside Local SEO to help fellow locals within the Montreal area. E-marketing services lies on social media optimization and internet marketing strategy using their ESP conceptual framework while E-.merce solutions relies on his extensive educational and work experience with focus on making profitable SEO for e-.merce sites. E-.merce or online selling refers to business to business and business to consumer exchange of goods and services done on the inter.. SEO means search engine optimization, SEM is search engine marketing and SERP means search engine results page. Mozalami also currently offers an informative and regularly updated blog which talks about the latest trends in local and global SEO news and relevant information. The blog is currently available in French and will soon have an English-translated section. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: