.mon Sense Preventive Maintenance For Your Cars Health-ssport

UnCategorized If you are a brand new driver, it’s important to remember that just putting gas in your car is never enough! In addition to gas, there are plenty of other fluids that need checking on a regular basis. If you love your car and want to have a long and happy relationship together, just use a little .mon sense: preventive maintenance is essential to your car’s health. Motor oil Motor oil is like the blood that runs through your car’s engine, helping everything to work just right. It lubricates the engine, it cleans it, and it also protects it: all important jobs. But short-term city driving can be especially hard on oil because the engine never heats up enough to boil away the moisture that inevitably builds up in the crank case when the car is resting. As a result of this and other normal wear and tear, sludge and acids that can damage your car’s engine may be.e a real problem. To prevent any mishaps or outright disaster, follow your mechanic’s advice and have your oil (and sometimes your filter) changed every 3,000 miles or every 6 months, whichever .es first. Don’t assume that because you don’t drive long distances that you can neglect changing the oil as often as you’re supposed to. Transmission fluid Changing transmission fluid is not as clearly associated with changing motor oil when it .es to preventive maintenance, but perhaps it should be. Having the transmission fluid of a new car changed every 30,000 miles will greatly prolong the life of your transmission. However, if you bought the car used and its fluid has never been changed, it is probably best to leave it well enough alone. Adding fluid when it is low is perfectly acceptable under any circumstances, as long as you are sure to use the kind that is re.mended by your owner’s manual. Brake fluid Have this vital fluid checked from time to time and you’ll rest assured that your brakes won’t fail and will perform to the best of their abilities at all times. After just two years, there may be enough water accumulation in the brake fluid to possibly cause internal rust and corrosion. Take care of your tires Although tires do not need to be changed often, they do need to be rotated periodically to ensure even wear and tear on all four tires. Make sure that you do check your tires’ pressure often to make them last longer and to give you better gas mileage and overall performance. Find a good auto repair specialist and let him take good preventive care of your car, so that it can take good care of you: it’s just .mon sense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: