Ministry of Foreign Affairs firmly opposed to Darai in the disputed territory of China and India act roselip

Foreign Ministry: China firmly opposes Darai activities in disputed territories between China and India Sohu News International online report (reporter Wu Qian): the India central government approved Darai next year to the eastern border between China and India area activity reports, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 28, China expressed serious concern on the news, Darai firmly opposed to Indian territory activities the disputed area requirements with India in the Tibet issue of political commitment. According to India media reports, India illegal "Arunachal Pradesh government invited Darai in March next year to the border area of the eastern activities. India’s central government has approved the event. Lu Kang at a regular press conference, pointed out that China’s position in the eastern region on the Sino Indian border issue is clear and consistent. The Darai group has long been engaged in Anti China separatist activities and has had a disgraceful performance on the Sino Indian border issue. It is very clear and serious sensitivity boundary issue of the Darai problem. In this case, the Indian side invited Darai to activities in disputed territories between China and India, and India will be peaceful and stable on the Sino Indian border relations cause serious damage. Lu Kang stressed: "China is firmly opposed to Darai activities in disputed territories between China and India, India with requirements on Tibet related issues and political commitment, abide by both important consensus on the boundary question, don’t take the boundary problem further complicated move, provide the stage not to give Darai the group Anti China separatist activities, to maintain the healthy and stable development the relationship between China and india."相关的主题文章: