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Millions of people Ningzhi summer Carnival Su Teixeira won’t play football instead of samba – Beijing, Beijing, September 1, 30 days, the theme of "Fire All Here" Su Ningzhi summer party held at the headquarters of suning. The party first appeared in retail, real estate, finance, sports, cultural and creative, investment of six major industries with Zhenghui scene, the major industries to creative competition. The emerging sports industry has become the highlight of the summer Su Ningzhi, Teixeira, Ramirez and other club players wonderful debut, inter Milan President Thohir, vice president Zanetti will visit the site. 2016 Summer Ningzhi Su grand opening rocket brother play "big change" Su Ningzhi summer evening, a rocket brother took office he NiuDao, "logistics book" by the orange. Enthusiastic audience in the audience, the Rockets actually played a big brother changed the living, so that the audience really for him to hold a sweat. The Rockets did not let the audience down brother, success through magic tricks, will be a live audience through the video to Suning Yuhua logistics base. The audience at the other end of the video. Suning Yuhua two logistics base, construction area of about 200000 square meters, is considered to be the most intelligent logistics center in asia. The storage capacity of Yuhua logistics center can reach 20 million pieces of goods, daily shipments of 1 million 810 thousand. Copy of "red Joker", a network of "ugly eight strange" shocking the Suning real estate group launched this year show is a medley of songs plus drama performance. In the middle of a medley of songs, "Joker" network version of red rose slowly from the center of the stage, the scene audience shouted "Joker, finally came". This scene let Suning person to look forward to a network version of red, "" ugly eight strange song is scared four, imitation Joker like singing. Home of the whole drama performances to the wisdom of the real estate, leading the era as the theme, showing Suning home wisdom, science and technology, ecology, green, the concept of sustainable development. This year, Suning real estate in Nanjing launched the first Internet plus smart apartment, Zijin Jia Yue, opened the first day of daylight 1200, selling 700 million, become the National Day apartment market the highest amount of sales, daily sales the fastest, most visited real estate opening. Uncle IT want to subvert the image, to find the rainbow choir to help the Soviet Union this summer, IT to find the rainbow choir to help. "Zhang Shichao with you yesterday evening to my house where we put the key" and "feeling hollowed out" maxed out network of the rainbow choir, played the audience lit passion. At the scene of the background video, Suning IT by making fun of their own way, to show people stereotype on IT male strange uncle impression, the site attracted bursts of laughter. After the end of the video, a strange uncle with lovely small lion, shoot up a dancing, all the audience stood up and cheered for them. As a pillar of the Internet, Suning launched IT Hawkeye, EDAW, Trinidad sound and other products, which also makes them successful Internet Innovation Awards this year. Zhang Jindong and Su Ning executives Thohir, Zanetti appeared on the stage, Teixeira and Ramirez will hold the samba相关的主题文章: