Metal Powder .pacting The Diamond Head Of Circular Saw Blades-nibbuns

Reference-and-Education Currently, the manufacture of diamond saw blades blade using powder metallurgy method .mon in foreign countries pressing process. There are several aspects of the process disadvantages: 1) the process used in manufacture of diamond cutter head ask for a higher grade; 2) suppress the head of the matrix metal powder formulation design and process requirements more stringent, or diamond-off phenomenon will very .mon, resulting in great waste; 3) diamond powder metallurgy production process will produce thermal damage affecting the performance of the original diamond, and further affect the cutting blade. In recent years, researchers for the processing of certain hardness of hard stone, using various means to create a lot of heads, head of the cutting performance improved. However, the problem of low utilization of diamond cutter head has not been satisfactorily resolved, manganese powder and the manufacturing cost is high. In this paper, plating and powder metallurgy manufacturing diamond saw blades with a new blade method, and technical issues for the preliminary study and discussion. Preparation of plating method using PDC 1mm thick copper plate used as a substrate, after degreasing, washed with a clamping fixture firmly. Copper fixture will be split into many small pieces of 24mm 12mm, the surface of each piece after the .posite electrodeposition diamond peel Serve a .posite film. The copper as the cathode, the power of Ni or Ni-Co metal, in the flat layer of copper Sprinkle evenly on diamond (known as the sand), deposited a small current density under the sand after a certain time, then increase the current thick plating density in most or all of the deposited diamond buried metal, remove the fixture, clean water, boron powder peeled off from the copper deposited on the substrate a good .posite films, after drying back. Powder metallurgy bonding PDC selected several metal powder, copper-based low melting point, low-cost metal powder supplement. Different stone material processing, to choose a different ratio of metal powder and. Put on the choice of methods for the die size 24mm 12mm 9mm. Used to replace the original PDC abrasive layer, each piece .posite sheet size 24mm 12mm, the thickness of the plating process depends on the thickening time and deposition current density, and .posite diamond abrasive film using the value of similar diameter. Assembly of layers of stone material processing can be adjusted. The larger grain processing stone, the smaller the number of layers. Sintering process mainly because the choice of low melting point metal powder as a binder, it can be used to lower the sintering temperature, .pared to ordinary powder metallurgy sintering, can reduce the extent of thermal damage of the diamond. Also can be used cold forming, vacuum sintering process. The main features of the new method, 1) to reduce thermal damage to the diamond plating process manufacturing PDC does not exist on the diamond thermal damage, in connection with metal powder hot pressing, hot pressing can be used at relatively low temperatures, metal powder supplier which can to some extent reduce thermal damage to the diamond. 2) the difficulty of reducing the head of the sintering process for the manufacture of diamond saw blade, abrasive force the issue dominated the decision by the plating process, easy to get a good holding force. Diamond oxidation problem can not be considered, and the sintering temperature is lower, thus reducing the sintering difficult. 3) made a good Diamond Blade sharpness sharpness products, and can improve processing efficiency. 4) high concentrations can be electroplated diamond abrasive products can be very high concentration, which is beyond the reach of powder metallurgy. 5) lower manufacturing costs Preparation of Polycrystalline Diamond plating can be used , type low-grade diamond, diamond saw blades can greatly reduce blade manufacturing costs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: