McDonald’s antibiotic products in the United States cited the question a chicken two sets of standar

McDonald’s in the United States antibiotic products cited the question: a piece of chicken with two sets of standard data for McDonald’s "a piece of chicken with two sets of standard" questioned rule Weekend reporter Xin Ying recently, McDonald’s announced in 2017 to stop in the United States for use in the breeding process of human intake of antibiotics in chicken. However, this change does not apply to the Chinese market, the problem of standard differences in two countries immediately caused a storm of public opinion. This is a plan for the United States not only China caused the attention of consumers, a UK charity launched a campaign called for consumers to email, McDonald’s CEO Steve – Brook (Steve Easterbrook), send e-mail, call for McDonald’s in more than and 100 countries around the world more than 30 thousand stores to stop the supply of antibiotics using human meat and dairy products but, just in the United States and the McDonald’s chicken products. Chinese consumers questioned, McDonald’s official response to the Chinese side said that the use of antibiotics in animal disease treatment is necessary. McDonald’s requires Chinese suppliers to strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations on the use of antibiotics. We will work with relevant government departments, suppliers, experts, according to the actual situation of China’s agriculture, and gradually promote the development of the industry." August 18th, the Ministry of agriculture to respond to China’s newly developed 5450 pesticide residue limits, in 2020 will cover major agricultural products. "Stop antibiotics" performance under the pressure of the plan in early March 2015, McDonald’s announced on its website, will gradually purchase not used "has an important influence on human antibiotic" chicken in the next two years, this is called "stop antibiotics" plan. McDonald’s recently announced the completion of the conversion is just ahead of time." Dr. food engineering, the United States Food Technology Association senior member said. Both McDonald’s proposed "stop antibiotics" this plan caused what repercussions in other countries, there is no doubt that McDonald’s intention or hope to signal transmission of a headquarters of the United States market products more healthy. However, in the transfer of this signal, while McDonald’s performance pressure has been going on for quite some time. McDonald’s second quarter earnings report found that McDonald’s revenues of $6 billion 270 million, down by 3.5%, net profit of $1 billion 90 million, compared with $1 billion 200 million a year ago has declined. McDonald’s has more than a quarter of revenue continued to decline from the three quarter of 2014 to the two quarter of this year, operating income decreased, the specific point of view respectively, revenue of $6 billion 990 million, $6 billion 570 million, $5 billion 960 million, $6 billion 500 million, $6 billion 620 million, $6 billion 340 million, $5 billion 900 million and $6 billion 270 million. In revenue decline, net profit is also gradually decline, the three quarter of 2015, the four quarter of 2015, the first quarter of 2016 and the two quarter of 2016, McDonald’s net profit was $1 billion 310 million, $1 billion 210 million, $1 billion 100 million, $1 billion 90 million. In addition to this, the theory相关的主题文章: